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Yes they can because it was not repaired

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Q: If glass gets chipped an it can't be repaired because of location an you you don't get repaired it gets damaged later can insurance refuse to pay?
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How much would it cost to get a chipped iPad screen repaired?

about 300

Can chipped crystal be repaired?

Depends on where the chip is, sometimes it can be taken out by grinding and polishing.

What happens when you chip a molar?

When a molar is chipped it will need to be repaired by a dentist. If the tooth is not repaired the tooth can become further damaged or possibly infected.

Can a chipped veneer be covered with a new one?

Sometimes it can repaired with a patch. Depending on how big the chip is, the veneer may need to be removed and then replaced with a new one.

What do you do for a loose tooth that has been chipped?

If the tooth was loose due to impact, you should seek a dentist. They may be able to fix it. For the chip, the dentist can also repair that. I had a similar experience where I fell, and chipped a tooth and caused it to be loose. The dentist repaired the appearance of the tooth and the tooth stabalised itself after a while.

Can a crown crack?

A crown may last a lifetime, but sometimes it can become broken or chipped. If you find yourself in this situation, whether it can be repaired will depend on the amount of damage and the type of crown you have.

Ceramic chipped cup or chipped ceramic cup?

chipped ceramic cup

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buy a chipped batery with a magigate memory stick (mine is chipped and 10gb.)

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It is not possible to get your PSP chipped legitimately. Getting a console chipped allows for you to play pirated games on it.

Why does my Ford Mondeo ST220 jump out of 2nd gear?

The Ford Mondeo ST220 could be jumping from 2nd gear due to a chipped gear or worn shifter fork. The transmission will probably need to be taken apart to be repaired.

Synthetic Stucco Repair?

form_title=Synthetic Stucco Repair form_header=11683 What do you need to have repaired?*= [] "Leaking water or moisture [] Missing, broken, or rusty flashing [] Stucco is chipped [] Stained or discolored [] Stucco is cracked [] Other"

Are bone chips so important?

It depends on what bone you chipped because it can be very serious

What happens if you don't fix a chipped tooth?

Nothing, but it will be sensitive to cold foods like ice cream, ice cold water, ect. I know because I also have a chipped tooth.

What to do about chipped bone?

A chipped bone is just that. A piece of bone has been chipped off the main bone. This problem will often heal itself. The chipped piece will be reabsorbed and the spot where the chip came from well be filled in.

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Yes it can be chipped. All versions of ps2 can be chipped.

What to do for chipped wrist bone?

You definitely see a doctor about your chipped wrist bone.

How do you repair chipped or cracked windshield?

Call your insurance first as they may cover it for free. If not, consult a pro or if money is tight and you have $10, you can do it yourself in around an hour with a Windshield Repair Kit.