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If headlights on a 1981 Corvette will not go down is it a vacuum problem?


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2013-02-28 10:11:03
2013-02-28 10:11:03
yes because it haveint been used in a long time


Yes, most likely. There's a chance that it is something mechanical, but that's a slim chance and only if they have not been used in a LONG time.

If you're not familiar with these problems, I suggest chasing the vacuum lines to listen for a hissing sound either underhood or under dashboard. Remember that the headlight switch actually is an electrical switch AND vacuum valve in-one. Additionally, there is a little black knob (backup vacuum valve) directly under the dashboard in the event that the headlight switch valve doesn't raise the lights. If neither one raises them then you have either a leak or stuck diaphragm. Good luck! -ku2002

You can buy a vacuum troubleshooting guide from Zip Corvette to help you fix the issue.

I fixed it. There are rubber devices called witches hats that go on the vacuum canisters next to the headlights. You can either change the witches hats (quite a job) or just have the vacuum canisters you can get at Ecklers.

Or you can get them at Zip and save some money, here is a link to the headlight components

where is the diaphragm located on my 1981 Corvette?

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check vacuum lines to canister,light switch,check valve, Accuators

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Should be located just in front of the radiator near the headlights. One on each side.

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