If i am on the 17th day of a 28day cycle and my man came inside of me on the 10th day of my cycle and my boobs and lower abdomen hurt and my inside hurt when i have sex could i be pregnant or Ovulatin?


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yes !! u could be take a test to be shore

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Hi , Yes it is the best time to get pregnant due to ovulation on 14th after/before period. based on a 28day cycle. if you do find out you are ,con glads.. if ur not happy with it Best time to have unprotected sex is on our period ,,very unlikey to get pregnant on your period.. only STDs are easier then.. good look,, DR read a lot.

you could have got pregnant on June 28, 2009 sperm lives 72hours and if your period started on the 15th start counting from that day up to the 28 that gives you the 14th day after your period which would be and ovulating day if you have a 28day cycle and your cycle have been 28 days at least the last 6months to go by the ths method you cycle have to come the dame amount of days each month 1 week out of the month you can get pregnant y? there is a five day window and really there is on 1 day you can get pregnant ( this is alot but it helps) you ovulate for 3 and sperm can live up 2s that's ur week 1 day out of that five your egg is released to your uterus. if you had sex before this and within those 72hours then the egg can be fertalize and that's hpu you can become pregnant

Yes you can get pregnant from having sex on the 12th day. You should understand that the ovum if it were to become available for fertilization on the 14th day Which is half way through a 28day cycle. you have to allow for the fact that sperm ejaculated int your reproductive system can survive for 4 days. In effect that means that if you have unprotected sex 10 days after the first day of your menstrual bleeding you might get pregnant, if yo do it also on days 11 12 13and 14 you can end up with a huge amount of sperm in there waiting for the opportunity to fertilize your ovum ad tothat the life span of the ovum (2 days) and you are likely to also be able to get pregnant on days 15 and 16.

YOu can't tell from a pregnancy test what day you conceived. If you have a regulkar 28day cycle it is likely to have been 13-15 days after the START of your last period. An ultrasound scan at around 6 weeks can tell you within a day or two.

if your period usually lasts about 28 days then that is normal just keep track on your calender and you should be good!!! just dont freak out it is nothing to stress over

You mean taking the "reminder" pills first then taking the active pills given we are talking about Yasmin 28day. Well I would say that you would not be totally protected against getting pregnant for the first 10+ days. simply because there are 7 days of inactive pills in each pack of Yasmin. They suggest that even once you start taking your Yasmim ( given they realize your going take it like an adult)you should not have unprotected sex for 3-5 days.. plus that fact that you just took your pills backwards. Most women get the inactive pills to simply keep the reminder of taking the pill everyday. If that isn't a problem for you. I guess you could worry about whether your protected... too much trouble if you ask me. Most people don't know that makers of birth control DO NOT TELL YOU.. they don't and won't guarantee that you wont get pregnant if you are over 200lbs. That is one thing most people don't know. I just thought I would throw that in there.... it means Hannah is pretty, and kind xxx my best m8. Yasmin means- ugly and kinda dumb plus stupid and thick

Let's assume that this isn't a trick question. Normal February month= 80,640 gal Leap year Feb. month= 83,520 gal April, June, Sept, Nov=86,400 gal Jan, March, May, July, Aug, Oct, Dec=89,280 gal. Figure it out for a single day first. 2x60x24=2,880 gal per day then multiply that by the number of days in the month 2,880x28=80,640 gal for 28day Feb.

The decathlon's ten events are spread out over two days. First day events: 100-meter dash, running long jump, shot put, high jump, and 400-meter run. Second day events: 110-meter hurdles, discus throw, pole vault, javelin throw, and 1,500-meter run for the second day. To determine an overall winner, the International Association of Athletics Federations sets a table to convert performance in each event to a score, and the athlete with the highest sum of all ten scores is the winner. The table is updated periodically to keep up with new world records in each event, which can have interesting effects on previous scores—a 1985 revision of the table bumped up British decathlete Daley Thompson's score from the previous year, causing him to break the world record retrospectively.

This is usually caused by gas in the intestines, unless one is pregnant then it is caused by the growing baby kicking and punching inside the abdomen.

A female ferret's abdomen will enlarge and she will act pregnant in either a true or false pregnancy. About 3 weeks after mating, a veterinarian will be able to feel fetuses growing within the abdomen. During the sixth and last week of a true pregnancy in ferrets, if you rest your fingers lightly on the side of the abdomen and exercise great patience, you should be able to feel the unborn kits moving inside the mother and you will know for certain that your ferret is pregnant.

A laparoscope is an instrument for visual inspection inside the abdomen.

Without vaginal contact than it would be impossible for a girl to be pregnant from the penis being rubbed on the abdomen. so the answer is no

No if the sperm is on your leg or abbdomen you can not get pregnant but the sperm doesn't need to go in you all the way it just needs to get on the opening of your vagina

No you will not. You will only get pregnant if he came inside you. If no sperm got inside you, you will not get pregnant.

yes, for a lot of woman, and in the back too.

Unlikely if you have no other symptoms, but still possible

If his semen got inside you could be pregnant

You cannot feel your uterus from the inside, pregnant or not.

Yes, the way to get pregnant is by someone ejaculating inside you.

The only way you can SEE your cow is pregnant is by the bulge of it's abdomen. This shows that there's a little calf in there.

Palpation is the act of feeling the doe rabbit's abdomen to determine if she is pregnant or not.

How does it works does the sperm needs to go inside a girl to get pregnant if not are we okay if it doesn't go inside

If your lizard is pregnant, it will probably have a larger stomach, because the eggs are developing inside. Also, she may be extensively digging because she is trying to make a burrow to lay her eggs, but this will only be if she has been pregnant for a while. If you would like to, GENTLY feel the underside of your lizard, if you feel large bulges toward her tail/lower abdomen, she is most likely pregnant.

The human ribs are a series of bones that line the abdomen. The main function of the human ribs is to protect all of the organs that are inside the abdomen.

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