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You are not the one to get child support all over again, but the man who has been paying wrongly all these year is entitled to get his money back from your biological father. He have to sue him for that. You have been paid for and supported already. If you are not of legal age yet and is entitled to child support you have to have a DNA test or something proving he is your biological father so you can take him to court so he can pay for you the years left until you are an adult.

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What if someone adopted the spouses child and now is getting divorced do you have to pay child support?

In almost every case, adoption terminates any support obligation from the child's biological parents.

If someone who has been named an executor wants out of that obligation what does he need to do to renounce that obligation?

Being named in a will does not entail and obligation. They simply tell the court they do not wish to serve and the court will appoint someone else.

What are the elements of an obligation?

In legal terms, an 'obligation' binds someone to perform or 'do' a certain thing. (e.g.: a contract forms on obligation on the part of the buyer and the seller to perform in certain ways. A court order will obligate someone to do or act in specific fashion.)

What is the difference between 'duty' and 'obligation'?

Duty is different from obligation because... Duty is what you need to do and Obligation are things that are "TOLD" for you to do... Duty is your daily duty... Obligation is what SOMEONE told you to do... still... if you think about it... youll still know it's different.

What is biological problem?

A BIOLOGICAL PROBLEM is aquestionabout living organisms that is asked by someone or comes in the biologists mind by himself.

What rights does the biological father have when you are pregnant an want to consider adoption?

The biological father has the right to pursue custody of the child if you do not want this. In most cases, failure to notify the biological father could derail later adoption plans (which could be traumatic to the child) if he finds out. If you are not interested in raising the child, you still have an obligation to inform the biological father and see if he wants to raise the child. If he consents, you can still place the child for adoption. In any case, you should consult with a lawyer, someone at social services, or someone at the hospital where you will deliver the baby to find out what the laws and procedures are where you live.

What is contract obligation?

A contract obligation is something that one has agreed to do in a contract. It can be to provide goods, services or to compensate someone for providing things.

What is the second degree masonic obligation?

If you are a person seeking information about the fraternity, then go to your loal Masonic Lodge and ask someone there. If you have already received your first degree and are seeking information about your second, then you should refer back to the first degree obligation for guidance and reflection upon whether you wish to persue this line (you know what I mean).

What is state tax liens ?

A tax lien is an obligation for someone to pay taxes. A state lien is placed by the state someone lives in.

Can you get emancipated with someone else supposrting you?

Generally, once a child is emancipated, the parents no longer have an obligation to provide for that child financially. The parents, or others may choose to support the child but do not have an obligation to do so.

What do you do if someone promises to give you a gift and they do not give you your gift after all?

Then you are disappointed. That's it. No one owes someone else a gift. A gift is a gift and not an obligation.

What is a trannyboy?

Transsexualism: When someone identifies with a gender other than his/her biological one.

When was the sacrament confirmation received?

The Sacrament Confirmation is received after someone is baptized.

What is the law in Texas about paying child support when entering a new marriage?

Nothing changes regarding child support orders whether it is the mother or the father who is remarrying. The child/children are the responsibility of the biological parents not a new spouse. For example if the mother marries someone of substantial means it would not affect the child support amount that was ordered to be paid by the biological father, as the mother's new spouse has no legal obligation to support the child/children.

What is a inherited ability?

An inherited ability is something that is passed on to you by your biological relatives. Someone who is naturally artistic such a being able to play instruments well, do art well or act well usually inherited the ability from someone in his or her biological line. Someone who is able to do math, science or use their hands inherits that from someone. Even being able to cook well can be inherited even without someone to teach you to do it. Adopted people will discover they have all kinds of talents that no one in their adopted family has so they know that ability came from their biological line. This a good answer, bur all genetic traits someone has for certain abilities come from the biological mother and father not any other relatives directly.

If someone has declared bankruptcy must they still pay child support?

Yes. Filing bankruptcy does not end your obligation to your offspring.

Is a durable powerr of attorney responsiable for income taxes?

No, he MAY have the ability to file for someone, but the responsibility (and obligation) remains with the individual.

What is to Let off the hook?

To release someone from the obligation to partake in an affair, thus to not be under compulsion to provide assistance or answer questions.

I live out of state does someone have to contact me when my father dies?

I don't think there is an obligation there, but if you have yourself listed by him as a point of contact ( in case of emergency )someone will contact you. I don't believe there is a have to though.

What is the definition of bill consolidation?

Obligation solidification is a type of obligation renegotiating that involves taking out one advance to take care of numerous others. This regularly alludes to an individual money cycle of people tending to high purchaser obligation, yet once in a while it can likewise allude to a nation's monetary way to deal with merge corporate obligation or Government obligation.

Legal obligation to tell current employer about new employer?

You don't have a legal obligation to tell your current employer that you are working for someone else unless you signed something stating that you will. Often employers don't want their employees working for their competitors.

How can someone be released from cosigning a mortgage loan without ruining their credit?

The only way to be removed from the obligation of cosigner is for the loan to be refinanced.

What is opinio juris?

Opinio juris refers to an opinion of the law. This is what someone feels in reaction to something that was done due to a legal obligation.

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