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If the father gave up all parental rights - then he would not have to pay child support. Plus, if the mother is out of the country and is an illegal immigrant - she would not be a part of the child support system. She would need to be in this country. But, the main things is - if the father "legally" (signed papers) to give up his parental rights, then he is not liable for child support.

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Q: If illegal immigrant mother leaves country and father gives up all rights does he still have to pay child support?
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Can an illegal immigrant mom claim child support from legal resident father?

no. the mom should be a legal resident before she cliams child suport.

Can an illegal immigrant be granted immediate custody of a child when the father is an illegal drug user?

Most likely the illegal immigrant will be deported to the country he/she came from and the parent will be thrown in jail. The child may have to stay with a family member or foster care until found a good living environment

Can illegal immigrant mother living in Arizona collect child support from US citizen father with joint custody?

Yes if she is entitled to child support after all of the calculations are done. Immigration status has no bearing on child support.

How much child support does the custodial parent get if the father is an immigrant?

It varies.

Can illegal immigrant mom sue illegal resident father for child support?

i doubt it. as she is illegal, there's no record of her being in the country. thus, she doesn't exist in the country and she cant go to court without someone else papers or a fake identification. Actually, child support does not request evidence of being here legally to open a case. They get 15% in federal matching funds on all child support paid. In this economy, they are not going to pass up every possible case to open.

If an illegal immigrant mother is deported what happens to her citizen child if his father is a us citizen and they were unwed?

the child goes to the father

Can child support be collected from an illegal immigrant?

AbsolutelyIf the couple are not married and the assumed father did not sign the birth certificate or a declaration of parentage, then a paternity test will be necessary before the court will address the issue. The court can order a paternity test once the child support suit has been filed.The fact that the illegal immigrant may not be paying taxes or is undocumented is irrelevant.

Can a illegal immigrant take his son to Mexico if hes a US citizen?

The illegal immigrant can take his United States citizen son to Mexico; however, it is highly likely that the illegal father will be detained at customs due to his lack of citizenship.

If an illegal immigrant marries a woman who has legal status and they have a child will the father then have legal status?

No, marrying a US citizen or a permanent resident does not grant the illegal immigrant legal status regardless of whether there is a child involved or not.

What rights does an illegal immigrant father have in the US who had a child with a legal citizen in the US?

He has rights to the child since he is the father, but i don't think he has any more general rights if he is still illegal.

How do you deal with the fact that your girlfriend is the birth mother to a child of a illegal immigrant and is using the child to stay in the US?

We would like to help you with the best answer we can give, but we do need more information. Is the father an illegal immigrant and does is he in contact with the child? Thank you

Can you get child support if the father is illegal?

His alienage status is not, in itself, a bar to being awarded support.

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