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7 yrs AFTER the date of the judgment, fed law requires the judgment to be removed from your credit file.

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Q: If it has been 8 years since your car was repoed and they are still threatening you for money when will they go away?
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Can you sell your car before it gets repoed?

Even if you could you would still owe the bank the money they paid for the car.

Car was charged off and repoed will you still have to pay the loan?


Why would the lender tell the debtor that it is not cost effective to repossess the car?

Because they would have to invest more money to get it repoed than they could get back when its sold. Example: car will sell for 1000 as-is vs having to pay 1000 more to get it repoed and it would still only sell for 1000.

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You missed one and a half payments but you sent half of one full payment can your car still get repoed?

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You lost your job and in North Carolina is it legal for them to take wages when you do get a job for letting your car go back?

== == Regardless of your employment situation, you still OWE for the car after it is repoed. The lender can sell it, to get some money out of it, BUT if the sale brings less money that YOU owe, they can still go after the balance that YOU owe, by attaching a court order for some of YOUR wages until the debt is PAID OFF. The reason I used capital letters above is to underline that it is YOU who have to take responsibility for YOUR actions, such as signing for a car loan.

Can your vehicle be repossessed if you have finally caught up on the payments?

IF you still in DEFAULT of the contract in some other way(no ins.) yes it can be repoed. Depends... just payments no other fees etc. outstanding???

If you file for bankruptcy and your car is being repossessed through the bankruptcy with a loan on it and the car interior has been modified and damaged would you still owe anything on it?

If the car is being repoed then you owe something.

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