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Try checking the fuses.

try checking the plug on the harnes at the back of pickup on frame.

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Taillights not working on 1993 dodge Dakota but brake lights and turn signals do work what's the problem?

The bulbs should be checked on a 1993 Dodge Dakota if the taillights are not working. The plugs on the trailer package should also be checked to make sure that they are working.

Why did my headlights taillights and dash lights stopped working when flashers brake and turn signals work fine what happened?

in dash lights

Why Taillights not working on 1975 Corvette?

Bulbs blown?

Why are taillights not working on your 1999 Chevy Tahoe?

The fuse has burnt out.

Why 2002 Dodge Ram taillights not working?

Either blown bulbs or blown fuse check for blown fuse first under hood in fuse box labled taillights

Why are your taillights and parking lights not working?

check ground wire on rear of frame for Chevy trucks

How do you replace the dashboard lights on a 1999 Mazda Millenia?

Your dashboard lights suddenly not working is almost always your indication that your taillights are out. If the fuse for your taillights is blown and you replace it, your dash lights should be fine.

What causes the turn signals on a 1994 Ford Ranger to stop working?

if only the turn signals are not working,you should replace the flasher can

Taillights and License plate lights not working is it a wiring problem on a dodge Dakota?

Start with checking the fuses.

Why might the turn signals in the dash of a 2000 Pontiac Firebird not work?

If the turn signals in the dash don't work, what about the outside front and rear turn signals? Working? Not working? If it's not working, replace the turn signal relay under the dash.

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Turn Signals are not working 1998 Mazda Protege?

no they are not

Why would the left side taillights blink normal and the right side taillights blink fast on a 1998 Chevy Blazer?

That usually means one or more of the bulbs is not working. Check for bad bulbs or bad ground wire or socket.

Why dont Dash lights and tail lights not working grand am?

The most common reason that your dash lights and taillights are not working on your Pontiac Grand Am is blown fuses. Replace the fuses.

What is a possible cause for dash lights and tail lights not working on a 2001 Dodge 1500?

A blown fuse can cause the dashlights and taillights to stop working on a 2001 Dodge 1500.

Your turn signals stop working and fuse is good hazzard lights work but no turn signals?

my turn signals do not work in my 1992 Pontiac Firebird

Where do you see yourself working in gulf bank?

Where do you see yourself working in Gulf Bank?:

Where are the turn signals and flashers on a 1992 Buick Regal CS?

My turn signals are not working on my 92 buick regal.

Why the Turn signals and flashers are not working on a Toyota?

Hand signals are to this day a legal form of traffic control devices.

How do you troubleshoot a wiring problem that makes your headlights taillights and gauge cluster lights stop working and the fuses are good?

Check the switch.

Are blue taillights illegal in new york?

blue taillights are illegal in NY. tail lights must be red with no cracks. also there must be white reverse lights and red signal lights. also both plate light must be working.

1988 Chevy s-10 pickup turn signal indicator not working?

If turn signals are working could be a bad bulb If turn signals are not working--could be fuse flasher or problem in steering column

When i turn on headlights the Taillights do not come on. I replaced the bulbs they were blown still no taillights brake and turn signal working fine. Honda accord 2000?

Do parking and dash lights work? If not, may be fuse most vehicles it is the same circuit

What could be the problem if the taillights don't work but all other lights do?

On most vehivles the live feed for the taillights brances from a connection in the back of the trunk. It is probably a poor connection or damp in this junction. If the whole cluster isn's working it is probably a poor earth.