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The first thing to check would be the nut at the bottom on the windshield wiper that isn't working. Make sure that it's tight. It isn't a relay issue.

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Q: If on an L reg Escort only one of the windscreen wipers is working could it be the relay and if so how would you fix it?
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Why is wind shield wiper of your window not working on your 1996 Mercedes Benz s500 what could be the problem?

Check for blown fuse, lift wipers off windscreen, see if they move at all. Wiper motor dhas passed on.

Why do the windscreen wipers on my Renault Megane not work?

it could either be a fuse a relay or the wiper motor may have broken/worn out. s autos

Is clearly an adverb?

Yes, the word clearly is an adverb.An example sentence is: "he could see clearly now that he discovered how to turn on the windscreen wipers".

2002 cavalier headlights and wipers quit working?

i was driving in the rain last night my headlights and wipers quit working and i stop the car for 15 minutes and they starting working again and they are still working what could have cause this my car is 2002 cavalier

Why did my wipers die on Lincoln ls?

Could be a blown fuse or the motor has stop working.

What would cause wipers and blower not to work on a 1994 ford escort?

Well, both the wipers and the blower could have a burned out fuse. Of course, they both could have a burned out motor. I would run a hot wire from the battery to the wipers and the blower motor. If they worked, I'd be looking for a fuse or bad switch.

Windshield wipers not working 1998 ford f-150?

If the windshield wipers are not working in a 1998 Ford F150, the cause could be a blown fuse. There could also be a problem with the vacuum hoses connected to the wiper motor or the wiper motor itself.

On a 1987 Plymouth Voyager why would the windshield wipers not work?

If your windshield wipers are not working, you should check your owners manual. It could be a fuse or another easy fix.

Your windshield wipers stopped working?

Fuse? Connections? Switch? Wiper Motor? Could be any of those.

The windscreen wipers on my 1997 punto won't work any ideas what it could be?

Fuse blown Wiper switch faulty wiper motor faulty both wiper arms have come loose on the spindles.

If the windscreen does not have a chassis number what does dat mean?

nothing as the windscreen could have been changed for many reasons.

My 89' Bronco's windshield wipers stopped working its not the fuse and I don't think it's the motor what else could it be?

its the motor.

Why does CD player keep going on and off in your daewoo matiz?

When blower comes on the windscreen wipers are faster then slow,and cd player turns on and off any explaination available could it possibly be that you have a short or wires loose and touching?

How much will it cost to have non working windscreen wiper fixed at garage?

You probably need a new motor... if both windshield wipers aren't working. You need to clarify your question.. Do you mean that they don't MOVE or that they just don't work well to clean your windshield? If you do need a wiper motor, it will probably run you about $150 to $200 U.S. including installation...unless it's a luxury car; then it could be up to $100 more!

Why did my transmission just stop working in your 2000 ford escort?

It could be low of ATF automatic transmssion fluid. Check it. The pump could have failed also.

Why won't the wipers go off on 95 Buick Park Avenue?

The wiper switch on the ParkAvenue could be bad. Or, the intermittent relay for the wipers could be stuck, causing the wipers to run.

Why did my 2005 dodge caravan windshield wipers stop working?

A couple things could have happened. First check the fuse for the wipers,in the fuse box. Should be on dash on driver side,near the door. Look towards the bottom. The relay might be bad,that box is under the hood. Wiper motor could be bad or the swing arm that moves the wipers could be broke. Do you here the wiper motor at all?

Why is the windshield wipers not working when the motor is good and the fuses always pop?

could be a ground problem. Try replaceing those rubber mounted groments

What besides fuses could be the reason your turn signals do not work on 94 Ford Explorer XLT and is there a signal timer My hazards and wipers are working?

You could have a lose wire in the stering column.

What could stop wipers from working on a 1994 Caravan other than fuse and wiper motor?

bad wiper switch Or, if you are certain the motor is running, the linkage could have become disconnected.

What could be wrong with a 1991 jeep Cherokee if just the windshield wipers went out?


Why wouldn't windshield wipers work on a 1990 Chevy Luminum?

If the windshield wipers are not working on a 1990 Chevy Lumina, the problem could be with the wiper motor, the wiper motor relay, or a fuse. The least expensive fix to this problem will be replacing the fuse if it is blown.

Why did your heater fan stop working in your 1996 Ford Escort LX?

It could be a blown 30 amp blower fuse, it could be a bad resistor pack, it could be a bad fan motor or it could be a faulty relay.

You have got a 03 ford escape and your front wipers stopped working what could be the cause?

It could only be either a fuse, the switch/or wiring, or the motor burned up. I would check the fuse 1st.

What could be wrong if the windshield wipers on a 2001 Nissan Sentra quit working?

check wiper fuse first, then check wiper switch then check wiper motor