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He could.. but he probably won't win. Being a co-signer means you agree to be responsible for the payments if the primary defaults. Co-signer knowingly agrees to these terms and takes the risk that he/she may have to actually pay up some day.

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Q: If one co-buyer does not have a job and deferring payments and not paying on time can the other co-buyer take him to small claims to gain control of the vehicle and take over the contract?
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If a new company takes control of my contract/lease, do I still have responsibility for payment to the new company. They did send a notice they have the account now and the send all payments to them. Is the contract binding in this case? Chris

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When the terms have been met or if circumstances beyond the control of the parties make it impossible for the contract to be enforced.When the terms have been met or if circumstances beyond the control of the parties make it impossible for the contract to be enforced.When the terms have been met or if circumstances beyond the control of the parties make it impossible for the contract to be enforced.When the terms have been met or if circumstances beyond the control of the parties make it impossible for the contract to be enforced.

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Do you have a right to take a car away if you are the cosigner?

Well if the original person that you co-signed with defaults on the payments and you are stuck with the payments, technically it is your vehicle and you can take the person to court and take control of the vehicle.

Why are a mothers rights before signing a parent control contract?

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What happens when 2 contract provisions can apply to the same circumstance and I use one of them first and desire to use the other one also?

The terms of the contract control. No one can answer a question about the particular terms of your particular contract without reviewing it.

What is force majeure?

A "force majeure" (Latin superior force) is an external influence beyond one's control. In contract law, it is analogous to casus fortuitous (chance occurrences) or "acts of God" in that non-completion is caused by an occurrence outside the control of the contract parties.

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You will have to ask your bank about that. They are in control now.

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