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If one recently was disabled and is on Medicare can they get a credit card now?

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According to the Equal Opportunity Credit Act, your disability will not stop you from getting a credit card. If you have stopped working as a result, however, the lack of enough income may prevent you from getting a credit card.

If you have verifiable income from other sources (e.g., investments, alimony, etc.), you may incorporate that income into the total and may qualify for the card.

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How is Medicare fraud detected?

Medicare fraud is detected in many ways. Medicare has recently launched an anti-fraud detection system. It works like a credit card system and detects suspicious activity to help stop fraud or even someone from using a lost or stole card.

If a payment is made with a stolen credit card is the payment valid?

Unfortunately yes, until the card owner notifies the card issuer and has the card disabled.

Can you laminate a Medicare card?

The physical aspects of laminating a Medicare card make it possible, however this is not advisable. The Medicare card has to be scanned and laminate can interfere with the scanning.

What the letter B stands for on a Medicare Card?

When receiving Medicare it is important to know what the symbols on the card mean. The letter B on the Medicare Card means the carrier is not the wage earner.

Can a chapter 7 bankruptcy end a law suit on a credit card?

Yes. The legal action is terminated by the automatic stay. However, whether the credit card debt is discharged depends on how recently the card was used and for what.

Can you apply for another credit card if you already have one?

yes you can i have done it recently to do a balance transfer and i still use both credit cards yes you can i have done it recently to do a balance transfer and i still use both credit cards

Which credit card company has recently issued an affinity card targeted at workingwomen under the sub brand Diva?

Standard Chartered

Do you owe credit card debt if you become disabled?

I am answering this question for the United States. If you have debts, becoming disabled will not eliminate them. Also, it is no longer as easy to eliminate credit card debt by filing bankruptcy, which large medical bills from becoming disabled might lead to. If you became disabled because of an outside source (on the job, in an auto collision, etc.), and you accumulated debt for related treatment, you might receive a settlement to cover the expenses associated with it.

What can a credit card company do if they take you to court but you are disabled and still can't pay?

If you are getting disability or social security, credit card companies cannot garnish your wages. However, the judge can issue liens against your property.

what is credit card apply?

credit card is a purchaging card.

Which credit card company has recently issued an affinity card targeted at workingwomen under the sub-brand Diva?

Standard Chartered

What the letter A stands for on a Medicare Card?

The "A" at the end of the Medicare number means that the SSN number on the card is that of the recipient/beneficiary.

Has any other legislation been passed in the past or recently that advocates for the rights of credit card holders?


How can a teen get a credit card with no credit?

a prepaid credit card

What is credit card pos?

credit card pos = credit card point of sale.

What does the D6 mean on Medicare card?

D6 on the end of medicare card means Surviving Divorced Wife, age 60 or over

Can credit card images be personalized?

Credit card images can be personalized depending on your credit card issuer. Most credit card issuers offer a service for credit card personalization for a fee.

What is a secured credit card?

a credit card that is secured by a deposit of your own money

With the new credit card laws going into effect, are retail credit card processing centers adjusting well?

With the new credit card rules only recently having gone into effect, it is difficult to determine the long-term implications for retail credit card processing centers. However, in the short-term, these processing centers have had to make the same adjustments that bank credit card companies have had to do and they've had several months to make the adjustment as afforded by the law.

What is credit card credit?

Credit Card credit typically means the amount which you have taken credit on your credit card ,for more information refer to the link below .

How can I get a credit card?

You can get a credit card by appying for a Capital one card. They are great for building credit.

What kind of credit cards does First PREMIER Bank offer?

First PREMIER Bank has a standard credit card. They also have a gold credit card, a classic credit card, a PREMIER Possibilities credit card, a PREMIER Forward MasterCard credit card, and a secured credit card.

Is credit card specific noun?

No, credit card is not a specific noun. A store credit card or bank credit card are specific; Macy's Card or Master Card are more specific nouns.

If you just came to USA recently on H1B and got a SSN and you need to start building your credit which is an optimal credit card?

I too am on H1B and got a SSN. The Wachovia and Bank Of America Secured card already declined me.

What happens if you are disabled and can not pay credit cards?

The credit card company won't give you a credit card if you don't have any kind of income. According to your income on a yearly basis they will decide if you will be able to pay of your debts. Most people with a lower income will get around a 1000 to 2000 USD max. limit

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