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Most certainly they do and it can be a great balance. I find being attracted to someone who is somewhat different than oneself is most exciting. Give it a shot!

My husband is quiet, slightly introverted and shy, while I am talkative and very extroverted. We have known each other almost 37 years and been married 32 of those years.

Don't miss out on someone different than yourself or you could miss out on a great thing.

They can actually work out. I used to be extremely doubtful--my quote was basically, "Opposites attract, but that doesn't mean they work out." The guy that I'm currently involved with is completely opposite to me. I'm spastic and hyper and talkative. I don't control what comes out of my mouth and I merely speak my brutal honesty with no regrets and I'm actually quite close to what people would call "heartless." He, on the other hand, is an extremely caring, compassionate person who sugar coats when necessary and is pretty quiet.

Our philosophies are completely opposite and it really bothers the both of us because I'm pessimistic and he's optimistic. We're literally on the opposite sides of the magnetic pull at this point. The only thing we have in common is the music we listen to and the way our love lives have gone over the years. But how we handle things is completely different. The way we see things is completely different. But what we do have in common is this:

We both have the ability to be able to try and understand--try and make a relationship work and talk out our disagreements rather than fight. Yes, what we do is considered arguing, but at least we don't scream at each other. We become frustrated at times, but rather than give up--we embrace our differences and try to make it work. And we're not even officially dating yet.

As long as the two people are going to make an effort, are willing to talk out their differences and disagreements, and have some form of common ground to work on, you'll be fine.

Opposites don't usually attract. There are some complementary differences that can help relationships, but for the most part you should look for somewith who you have a lot in common with. I think it would be a good idea to have some things that you have in common. But you two don't have to be exactly alike. Differences make things interesting.


first people are attracted to opposites as with anyone else they are attracted to, because of at least 1 commonality, something you CAN talk about with them, it wouldn't last long if there was nothing to say (and of course you fancy them physically, that helps)

and yes it can be a bit of a strain at first, and can cause many arguments

but you have adapt to other, you can get a middle ground although it may take time

so yes they can work in a relationship, very well

but it takes both parties to work at it and accept they will have to adapt to each other and that it will take time

if one or the other isn't willing to change somewhat its not going to work, as the other person will just have built up internal resentment at having to be the only one doing any work and caring enough to change themselves.

also accepting you like and or love the person for the personality they are and were, so you shouldn't want too much change, its more adapting than change

and not asking them to change anything about themselves they don't want to or don't have to.

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Q: If opposites attract do they work in a relationship?
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