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same blood grp husband wife so any problem with child birth

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Q: If partner with same blood group having any problem in child?
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You and your boyfriend are both AB plus you are planning to get married Will there be a problem of any sort since you are the same blood type Will you have a problem having a child?

There will be absolutely no problem and your child will have blood group "AB+".

Do you have to have a partner to adopt a child?

No, but having a partner will help provide food and clothing for the child.

If father and mother both has B positive blood is there any problem for the child or the mother?

No,there will be no harm or problem to the child or mother when both are having B Positive Blood group.

Can hepatitis c be spread to an unborn child by the male partner?

No, it is spread by blood-to-blood contact.

Child having blood group b negative is real child of mother having b positive and father having o positive blood group?

yes child can have blood group o+ o- b+ or b_

Can a partner be next of kin?

The partner should not be next of kin. From medical point of view, this is discouraged even by Doctors,as there are chances of child born out of such relationship with abnormality. From ethical point of view, when there is blood relationship, having sexual acts with such partner is prohibited in Hindu religion.

If the father's blood type is AB mother's blood type is O positive can the child's blood type by 0 negative?

No. The child can has a 50% chance of having type A blood and a 50% chance of having type B blood.

Name the person who you most try to avoid having an argument with?

partner parent boss child

Can as married to as?

the chances of you and your partner having an SS child as you rightly said is 25%.but there is no way of predicting

Can As married AS?

the chances of you and your partner having an SS child as you rightly said is 25%.but there is no way of predicting

What are the chances of blood type A and Blood type B having a child with blood type O?


Can a mother stop fathers new partner from having contact with child?

If being around the child put the child in danger you can get a restraining order (you will need proof) but otherwise the parent who have the child at that moment decides who they will see. That also goes for the mother when she has the child and meets a new partner.

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