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In most cases child support orders are enforced until the child reaches the age of majority, which in most states is 18. There are however, contributing factors in individual cases. The age may be specified in the original order, or it can be modified if the child is a student, or disabled, among other things. Consult the state of residency's emancipation laws. If that child dropped out of school that also matters check your state laws

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2015-02-22 02:32:32
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Q: If paying child support for a child and that child gets pregnant and has two children how much longer does child support have to be paid?
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Im paying for support of two children which have children of their own does this qualify for emancipation?

If you live in the US... Being pregnant/giving birth does not emancipate a minor.

In Iowa if the child you are paying support for gets pregnant do you have to keep paying support if she gets on assistance?


Can you stop paying child support if she becomes pregnant?

No, your child will not be emancipated because she is pregnant and her parents still have to support her until she is.

If a child becomes pregnant in Illinois do you have to continue paying child support?


Does a father have to continue paying child support on a daughter who is pregnant?


If you were adopted would your dad have to stop paying child support for you?

He would no longer be obligated to pay support.

If the biological father stops paying child support and hasn't seen his children for over 3 years how long after he quits paying child support until the step parent adopts the children?

That is dependent on state laws and whether he stopped paying due to be denied access to the children, which happens in 60% of the cases.

Can a father be absolved or exempt from payment of support if he has fathered a set number of children?

No. Fathering more children will normally mean paying more support, not less.

What happens to child support when the children are in dss custody?

You should contact your attorney. It is likely that you should be paying the support to DSS.

How is not paying child support hurt taxpayers?

Children whose parents do not support them end up receiving public assistance.

You have an 18 year that is still in high school that you are paying child support for He moved out of his mothers house into his pregnant girls parents Are you still obligated to pay child support?

Depends on the State. However if he is not a full-time high school student and is age 18 child support is no longer an obligation.

Why do you have to keep paying your ex spouse child support in arrears long after the children are no longer dependents?

You're in arrears because you didn't pay the money when you should have. You owe them a debt, and you must pay it.

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