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If pushing the 4 wheel drive button doesn't put it into 4 wheel drive from 2 wheel drive what do I do?

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On your 02 s10 blazer when you push the 4 wheel drive button it lights up 4 wheel drive button but 4 wheel doesnt work?

i have a s-10 did the same thing it was the vacuum modulater located under the battery box

Where is 4 wheel drive button on a 97 Mercury Mountaineer?

There isn't one. In 1997, mountaineers were either 2 wheel drive or all wheel drive. Not 4 wheel drive

What would cause a 2001 tribute to be stuck in 4X4 but not until the truck is running and you put it in drive or reverse please help?

When the vehicle is not running it will not stay in 4x4. The new vehicles of today are not put in four wheel drive by pulling a lever, they are placed in four wheel drive by pushing a button. When pushing that button it engages the small motor in your transfer case telling it to apply pressure either by air or hydrolics. When the vehicle is in the off position it is not telling the transfer case to hold in the four wheel drive position. If the vehicle is stuck in four wheel drive when it is running you need to find out if it is all wheels drive all the time or it is only 2 wheel drive until you place it in either 4hi or 4lo.

When engaged in four wheel drive light flashes but wont engage the shaft locks but no four wheel actuator is not pushing out in my 97 Tahoe?

When engaged in four wheel drive light flashes but wont engage the shaft locks but no four wheel actuator is not pushing out in my 97 tahoe?

2005 trailblazer can not get dome lights to come on when doors are open?

Have you tried pushing the button to the left of the steering wheel? the one that shuts the lights off when they are on. if that doesnt work, if you have an aftermarket radio, and the adapter for the security, that might be why.

How do you make your monster truck 4 wheel drive in the game monster jam?

Press the A button to change to 4-wheel drive.

How do you engage Honda Pilot 2004 4 wheel drive?

push the four wheel drive button on your dash, see owners manual

What does the actuator on a 4 wheel drive do?

The actuator on a 4-wheel drive allows the vehicle to shift into 4-wheel drive with the push of a button or a shift of a lever. The actuator allows the front axle to become engaged.

Why does your 98 blazer jump into 4 wheel drive sometimes when you are backing up the control is on the dash it is push button 4 wheel drive where do you unplug it so it want be 4 wheel drive anymore?

i accidentally hit the button sometimes and dont know it til i am going. a few times i have gotten into 4low because i hit the button and as i was switching to drive, i passed neutral and it jumped. my 95 you had to hesitate on neutral.

Why won't 1994 push button explorer disengage out of four wheel drive?

It will not disengage from four wheel drive until you find a cheat. I have done this before!

How do you engage the 4WD on a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo?

there should be a button on your left of the steering wheel and if not, it doesn't have 4 wheel drive

How to I release 4 high back to 2 wheel drive on a 2004 GMC Sonoma?

Push the button on the four wheel drive selector that says 2 high

How do you shift to 4 wheel drive on a 1998 GMC Jimmy?

Push the 4wd button.

How do you engage 4 wheel drive in 2006 Suzuki xl7?

Press the 4WD button.

Why does the 4 wheel drive not engage when you push the button?

Regita love Marie-Claire

Where is the fuse for a 1993 Ford Ranger 4X4 four wheel drive button?

why wont the light come on the 4x4 drive

How do you get a 2000 ford explorer XLT out of fwd if it is stuck?

I have a 4 wheel drive Chevy Blazer 2001 that got stuck in 4 wheel drive, the only way I got it out was to put it into neutral and switch the 4 wheel drive button. It worked!!

How do you engage 4 wheel drive on 2002 land rover discovery?

The 4 wheel drive system on a 2002 Land Rover Discovery is engaged by pressing the 4 wheel drive button on the dash. It sends an electrical signal which activates the system.

How should the four-wheel drive on a BMW 3251i to be operated?

If you are referring to a 325i, it is only rear wheel drive with traction control which is always active. You can de-activate the feature by pressing the anti skid control button labeled "ASC" (only really recommended if you NEED to spin the rear wheels such as in a bad snow drift when you have snow tires or chains). I personally own a 330Xi which is all wheel drive (they make the 325Xi as well if that was what you meant). These are all wheel drive all the time (i.e. always in 4 wheel drive). The system works fine for most people with no interaction. These versions also have stability control (the DSC button on the dash) which can be de-activated by pushing the button. Normally the system is 60% rear torque/40% front under normal conditions; it will, however, modulate torque as needed. Quite well, I may add. I live in a particularly snowy area and have never had an issue. Two weeks ago I had the front bumper pushing snow through 4 foot drifts to get into our neighborhood with minimal drama. As with the rear drive versions, you can turn off the stability program (DSC button) to gain some wheel spin and dig your way through, which is what I had to do.

1997 Ford f-250 4 wheel drive not engaging?

The 4 wheel drive is not engaging on your 1997 Ford F-250 because you have a bad actuator if it is a push button. If it is not a push button, it could be a bad hub or linkage.

Can you convert an all wheel drive to a two wheel drive?

No. A "all wheel drive" is all the time four wheel drive. A 4x4 or 4-wheel drive can be set to drive in two wheel drive or four wheel drive.

1997 jimmy electronic 4 wheel drive will not engage when pushing the botton. What are the possibilities?

check and make sure it contacts, theres not much room behind that button and any play may cause it not to connect, push the dash assembly around the button firmly with one hand and push the button with the other, does it light up and engage

How come your lights work that are hocked to th alarm but horn doesnt?

The horn button contacts on the steering wheel are dirty.

Does Jeep Patriot have front wheel drive?

Yes, the options are front wheel drive or all wheel drive.Yes, the options are front wheel drive or all wheel drive.

Are Dodge Calibers front wheel drive?

Front wheel drive, with some being all wheel drive.Front wheel drive, with some being all wheel drive.