If religion is instilled in people at birth why do you not all feel the same toward God espesically as children?

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the human are born with no evil , the child never know something named delusion , do what is commanded , full of love and emotion toward everything a beautiful , the important thing that be very obedient , look how the child change from and to , disobedience , disbelief , atheism , etc . so this lead us to knowing god the one who created u for worship . knowing god is as a result , this is why god conferred us in mind .
Catholic Answer
I am assuming by "instilled in people at birth" you are referring to baptism. Baptism makes one a child of God, removes the guilt of original sin, and restores one to God's friendship. But it does not "instill religion" in one. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are all instilled, if you will, in a baby at baptism, but those gifts, if unused, and untaught, all come to nothing. A person must learn and grow in his faith. He must pray and partake regularly in the sacraments. A rough analogy is that we are all born having the ability to swim, but unless you regularly go in the water, learn the various strokes, and practice, etc. you will never be a swimmer.
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Does God command people to have children?

No. Not so fast! Go to the Bible, Genesis 1.27 &28:"So God created man... ; male and female he created them. And God blessed them, and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, ....". Unless I'm mistaken, that means have children!

How do you instill ownership in people?

Give them ownership of a work area or task. Tell them you trust them. Monitor their progress and give praise. Listen to them and let them see you act with respect to their answers. Every employee wants to feel more than just a number. They need to feel valued.

Why do people use religion to create pain upon other people are we not all the same?

The problem with most religious ideology is that there is an "us versus them" mind set. That one particular religion is true for the believer is evident. But the largest error that religionists make is that one faith fits all. When this happens, there are forced conversions, war, and massive bigotry ( Full Answer )

Do monotheistic religions worship the same god?

Yes, in basic premise all three major western forms of faith, Christianity, Judasim, and Islam, worship the same God; the God of Abraham. This God was known as Yahweh (Jehovah in English), although all three faiths currently only refer to the entitiy by his title of "God" (Allah translated into Engl ( Full Answer )

Do all religions believe in a god?

Religion is a belief and conviction in any individual or acommunity to act instinctively in response to any foreseen orsensed fear of insecurity from the unexplained un natural ornatural phenomenons experiences since the advent of man.This beliefbecomes a practice in written doctrine or verbal sermo ( Full Answer )

Do all Greeks have the same religion?

for the most part, there is a huge Greek Orthodox Christian population. pretty much anyone who isn't greek orthodox immigrated.

Are all gods the same?

1Kings:18:17-41: And it came to pass, when Ahab saw Elijah, that Ahab said unto him, Art thou he that troubleth Israel? 18: And he answered, I have not troubled Israel; but thou, and thy father's house, in that ye have forsaken the commandments of the LORD, and thou hast followed Baalim. 19: Now ( Full Answer )

Why do people believe in a religion or a god?

People believe in religions because they are told to. Think about it: when a baby is born, does it care about a god? No. But the parents teach the baby as it grows that god created everything, etc. This is generally supported by the community in which the child is raised. Rituals such as baptism and ( Full Answer )

Do all religions believe in the same God?

Overview . There are a growing number of people, primarily in North America and Western Europe, that postulate that regardless of which religion one may believe in, all religions should logically lead to the same road of eternal salvation, provided that each of their followers leads a moral and r ( Full Answer )

Why don't people have the same religion?

Everybody is different and have different point of views. It would not be correct to impose a way of thinking to a human. It is better with everybody thinking different. Can you imagine a world with everybody thinking the same. What if what they all thought was not the correct decision. It is someti ( Full Answer )

All these religions believe in the same god except what?

The majority of religions believe in Jesus Christ, but have different beliefs about him. Mormon and Jehovah Witness have around the same basic beliefs of Jesus. Jewish, Christian, and Catholic have the same basic principles as well. Buddhism does not have a god, it believes in a path to enlightenmen ( Full Answer )

Why does religion lead people to believe in god?

Sometimes religion scares people away from God. Try Deism. It makes more sense. do not try Deism, because she told you to, just go with your heart, and that person shouldn't try and tell you what to do. and it doesnt scare people away, it makes them happier, its their own choice.

Is all religion related to a god?

no. taoism and Buddhism come to mind. most have a god or gods but some have prophets or other forms of prophecy.

Are god and Santa the same people?

Yes they are, Santa created the world in 7 days so he'd have somewhere to keep his reindeer. No they are NOT! santa is way cooler. god is just a fairytale. oh and Santa's reindeer live in outerspace with the aliens k.

Do different religions pray to the same god?

It depends on your point of view. Most Monotheists would probably agree that Jews, Muslims, and Christians all pray to the same God. But they would be less likely to agree that other religions do so. But even with regard to these 3 monotheistic faiths, there is a difference of opinion. Some Christia ( Full Answer )

How does Satan feel towards God after his punishment?

Christian tradition holds that Satan was punished by being banished from heaven, probably as the result of a traditional misinterpretation of a passage in the Book of Isaiah. However, there is no biblical reference to Satan being punished or to his reaction to that punishment. One can rely on the Ch ( Full Answer )

Does God limit His forgiveness toward people?

The Lord Jesus Christ forgave the human races sins by dying on thecross. He substituted Himself on the cross for US. When a persondoes not accept this fact for themselves, they deny the truth andhave not accepted the forgiveness that God has provided. In thismatter, God's forgiveness is withheld on ( Full Answer )

All the religions believe in the same God except?

According to Hindusm, Almighty god is a concept, an eternal power . He is formless, rather he cannot be bound in a form dictated by a human mind, i.e. having two arms and two legs etc. People believe in multiple gods; they are in fact are the incarnations of God, or the manifestations of god which o ( Full Answer )

Why do people have feelings for God?

i think people have feelings for god based on what they believe in. I myself am a Christen ( I think that is how you spell it) and believe in their belief's. It is well you either believe or you don't. If you do, some people have really strong feelings for him and others not so much. It is hard to e ( Full Answer )

Did god make all the different religions?

no he didnt!! people told their own beliefs to others and that's how PEOPLE made their different religions..... ANSWER 2: My understanding is that God sent Messengers (e.g., Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Jesus...) to different people at different times according to the needs of mankind. These formed ( Full Answer )

Do all religions basically worship the same God just under different names?

If there is an all powerful supreme divinity or God then that entity would be the same to all. That entity would be the same as the sun that shines and rain that falls on all equally. Just as the sun has many different names in different languages that supreme entity is given different names by th ( Full Answer )

How does god feel about gay people?

First establish the existence of God. Which God. If you wish to believe in the concept, there is no way of knowing what he, she or it thinks or feels about anything. Anyone who professes to know is lying and a fool. A religion may have something to say on the subject, the all religion is made by man ( Full Answer )

Are all people the children of God?

We all are Gods children but he has a flock of his own who he promise to be with forever. Abraham children are most blessed and the blessed children on earth. Black people are decendents of Abraham which makes black people superior beings of the hole entire earth.

Do ramakrishna mission believe that all the world religions worshop the same god?

I don't know the answer to this question but if Ramakrishna mission does belive this he /she or they is wrong to believe this that all the world religons led to the same God. their ARE NAMES you can call God Jehovah Jireh the LORD will PROVIDE , Jehovah Rapha GOD IS MY HEALER, Jehovah Nisse ( Full Answer )

How did romans feel about people that did not follow their religion?

The Romans were tolerant of people who had different religions from the Roman religion. As long as the foreign religion did not advocate revolution or immorality and the people paid their taxes, the Romans let them worship as they wanted. The Romans were tolerant of people who had different religio ( Full Answer )

Is marriage the same in all religions?

Marriage is considered important, and is focused and given importance from God. as Jesus Christ performs his first miracle in a marriage ceremony. and the most important ... the Church and its members are called the body of Christ on earth, and bride of Jesus Christ who is to come on the Clouds ( Full Answer )

Are all religions for the same purpose?

They don't even claim to be for the same purpose.? Christianity is unique for example, in that it says that no one canearn the grace of God, but they must receive it by faith. Salvationand eternal life are therefore not things which can be earned bygood works, but which can only be received by faith ( Full Answer )

Do people of all religions have a connection with their god in the same way as a Christian?

Another answer from our community: There are many religions but only one God, so you can never be surewhich religion teaches the truth about God, religion is thereforeis not a way to know God. For someone to really know God, God mustreveal Himself to that person in a way that would convince himbey ( Full Answer )

Would the one feature of Christianity that invalidates the religion is that is based in fear and it uses fear to control people and it tries to instill fear in children so as to capture them early?

Christianity itself does not try to instill fear in us. We instill that fear in ourselves. Countless times in the Bible the phrase "Fear not","Do not be afraid", and "Do not fear" (along with countless other variations of these phrases; all with the same message to not fear God.) We live in such a s ( Full Answer )

Is there the same god for every religion?

Everyone would say yes, but then also dissagree. The Ultimate Boss and being who makes everything happen is out there (lets call it GOD). And only revealing bits of information of itself to mankind. The religions differ in how people have interpreted these revelations from God. Over time humans ha ( Full Answer )

Why do you feel resentment towards people?

As all the fingers of the hand are not the same in the same way; opinions of all the people will not be same. When somebody's opinion doesn't match with ur's and when you don't agree with them, then its basic human nature to start hating them and feeling some sort of resent for them. In chance, i ( Full Answer )

How did people feel about the birth of Jesus?

From accounts in the Gospels, reception was mixed. Herod wanted him dead so killed an entire generation of infant boys. Three wise men/kings/philosophers/scientists from the east celebrated his birth and brought gifts. The shepherds came to see what was happening. The inn keeper gave his parents the ( Full Answer )

Are all religions acceptable to God?

No, because not all religions are from God, for example the Hindu religion follows many dietys, or the pagan religions who follow darkness.

Why do people bash religion when all you are trying to do is teach people and your children that you are right and everyone else is wrong and god knows this and we are going to heaven and they are not?

The issue is that YOU are saying that YOU are right when that statement is a matter of your belief not fact. If you want people to think about religion in a positive way you must do what Christ did - live a christian life teach by example, be more patient don't try and force people to be Christ ( Full Answer )

Do all religions believe in one god?

No. There are several that believe in several gods - for example, the ancient Greek religion (which is still active).

Why would Freidrich Nietzsche say God is dead do you think that many people today feel that God religion or spirituality is irrelevant?

Nietzsche was not talking about God as a 'person'. What he meant bythis was that Christian morality as represented by God no longerwas and should be the source of absolute moral principles. As to'why': Nietzsche thought that religion was a restraining force onpeople's ability to discover and live by ( Full Answer )

Are we all Gods children?

All the generations of mankind have the "potential" to be "reborn"and "adopted" into God's future Immortal Family of God through thesame kind of Faith Abraham had -- thus becoming God's Children. "The REAL Children of Abraham, then, are all those who put theirFaith in God." (Gal.3:7) "...you are a ( Full Answer )