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Yes, the obligation will be reflected on the co-signer's credit. Lenders do not differentiate between a signer and a co-signer. Both are responsible for the repayment of the loan. If the signer stops making payments, the lender will look to the co-signer for full repayment of the obligation. Co-signer be aware!

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Q: If someone co-signs for another person does it show up on the co-signer's credit report?
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If someone cosigns a loan for you will it show up on their credit report?


If your spouse co-signs for someone will it affect your credit too?

No, your credit rating is separate from your spouse. If he or she cosigns it will only effect his or her credit rating.

Which credit cards let you have cosigners?

i have no idea

When your Father passed away how bad will a car repossession affect a cosigners credit?

It depends on how your father's death, the repossession, and the cosigners credit are corelated.

If someone cosigns on a vehicle loan does it affect that their credit?

Yes. If the original borrower defaults, and the cosigner is unable to take over the debt.

If someone with good credit cosigns for someone with bad credit will the cosigner's score decrease much?

That is a variable, it could put you in a maxed out situation where you couldn't get a loan for yourself. You only have so much credit to use. Good Luck

If the cosighner stops making payments on car loan but has the car and wont return it?

both owner cosigners credit will be affected both owner cosigners credit will be affected

Will it reflect on my credit if my father cosigns on a loan with me?

Yes, it will report equally.

Will a cosigner's credit be affected if they cosign for someone who has a bad credit score because of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The cosigner's credit will only be affected if the person that they cosign for defaults on the loan. The bankruptcy will not affect the cosigners credit.

What does a cosigner have to to have?

A cosigner must have good credit, a reliable income and the willingness to sign for another individual. Cosigners help primary borrowers build a good credit history, along with on-time payments.

Does breaking a lease hurt cosigners credit?

That is why the cosigner is there. To back up the contract if you bail.

Where can someone apply for a mortgage that has a bad credit history?

If one has a bad credit history, it is still possible to get a mortgage. If one cosigns for a loan with someone else, they have a better chance. One should also attempt to improve their credit. Wells Fargo, Quicken Loans, and many other places offer mortgages.

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