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well if your husband is in bankruptcy they are not allowed to repossess the car as long as he is the one in possession of the vehicle, if they do repossess the vehicle you will have a pretty good lawsuit to hand them, if the car is repossessed or actually when , it will show up on both of your credit. so I have a website to help you www.stoptheREPOMAN.com we have repossession consultants that can help with your situation I STRONGLY RECCOMED YOU TRY IT.

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What happens when someone who cosigned for has filed bankruptcy?

If you are talking about someone who cosigned for your loan filing bankruptcy, As long as you continue to make your payments on time, nothing will happen. If you are talking about someone you cosigned for taking bankruptcy, you may very well have to pay this loan. Contact the lender.

What happens when someone you cosigned a mortgage for has filed for bankruptcy?

When you co-sign on a loan or mortgage for someone, you are promising to make the loan payments if they can't. When someone files for bankruptcy, they are claiming that they cannot make their payments. It would stand to reason that if someone you co-signed on a mortgage for files for bankruptcy that you would then be liable for making the payments.

Can you file bankruptcy even if someone else has cosigned with you?

Yes. You can file BK. The lender will then go after the co-signer for payment. In other words, the co-signer learns why the lender required a co-signer in the first place.

If you are getting a divorce and your husband cosigned for someone who pays?

The husband, solely. Provided that his signature is the only one on the documentation as being the cosigner. If the wife's name also appears on that document, then both parties are responsible for the debt should the first payee default.

If you are not married but live with someone are they counted in the means test for bankruptcy?

When you are living with someone they are not included in your bankruptcy. If you are paying them rent, then the money you pay is an expense and will be considered for bankruptcy.

Can you keep your house when filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

cant you sign it over to someone you trust like a wife , husband etc.... so it cant be taken

Can someone help me find bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago?

You can try www.chilawyers.com. They specialize in bankruptcy.

Where could someone hire a bankruptcy lawyer?

Bankruptcy lawyers can be found at the Bankruptcy Lawyer website. From there you can search by area or zip code or contact them directly for more help locating someone locally. Debt B Gone, Fresh Start Bankruptcy and Total Bankruptcy are sites that can help determine if bankruptcy is an option for individuals or businesses.

where do i find someone in bankruptcy law?

Too find someone in bankruptcy law I would look threw the yellow or white pages as there is always a ton of them there .

What company can someone contact when they need legal help from bankruptcy?

When someone needs legal help from bankruptcy they can contact their local legal aid office. They will assign you someone to speak to about your options.

What does it mean if someone asks if your bankruptcy is closed?

Normally when someone inquires if your bankruptcy is closed they are referring to has it been "discharged" When a judge presiding over the bankruptcy of a debtor and approves it. The approval constitutes a discharge of those debts and is thus "closed" On the other hand if the bankruptcy is not approved then the bankruptcy is "dissmissed" But in your case a closure constitutes a discharge.

When you marry someone who has filed bankruptcy do you also take on the bankruptcy?

No, however the person's bankruptcy would be a contributing factor if the couple applied for joint credit such as a morgage.

You are looking for someone who filed for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is filed in federal district court. You may want to start with their files.

How do you pervent someone from filling bankruptcy on back child support?

... prevent ... Bankruptcy is a Federal process and has no effect on child support. Bankruptcy does not dismiss child support debts.

If someone has declared bankruptcy must they still pay child support?

Yes. Filing bankruptcy does not end your obligation to your offspring.

Can someone open an LLC while in Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Yes, nothing in the bankruptcy law prevents you from opening an LLC.

If someone cosigned an auto loan can someone else take over as the cosigner a few months later?

From my experience, you would have to re-finance the suto loan with the new co-signer.

What is the purpose of a bankruptcy register?

A bankruptcy register stores information on individuals who have filed for bankruptcy. It is used by possible lenders, employers, and anyone else looking to do a financial background check on someone.

Can credit cards be used after someone files for bankruptcy?

Sometimes credit card charges are not included in bankruptcy. If they are then you will no longer be able to use them.

How does bankruptcy hurt credit?

Bankruptcy hurts credit because it creates a negative reputation for someone. It shows creditors that someone is not able to pay off their debts. It can hurt credit for about 10 years.

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