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That needs to be discussed with the LENDER before you let it get repoed. Better yet, discuss while you are current on the payments. If you're in a temp shortage, they might work with you on getting around it. If its NOT temp, they will likely want all the money due at one time. TALK to the LENDER about it. Good Luck

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Q: If someone has to have a car voluntarily repossessed would the car payment be the same or can it be reduced?
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How do cars get voluntarily repossessed if they are not still in the same state they were purchased in?

The person who has the car calls the lender and tells them where to pick it up. the lender might say"just drop it off at XYZ dealership"....or they might send someone to your home to get it.

Can a transfer of responsibility be made after car is repossessed?

No. Your car gets repossessed, it's on you. You don't get to pass that on to someone else.

Can someone other than the beneficiary forge a signature to receive payment from the insurance company?

No, that person would be charged with both fraud and forgery and be sent to jail. The only legal way someone other that the beneficiary can sign for a payment is if the benificiary is declared incompetant and a court assigns the signing authority to that person or the beneficiary voluntarily signs legal documentation giving someone else that right

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Yes, it is, even if they voluntarily gave it to you.

You owe money on a repossessed car but the car was refinanced to someone else do you still owe?

I believe you would owe the difference. If you owed 10,000 on the vehicle and it was repossessed and someone else bought it for 8,000 you would owe 2,000.

What is the difference between a mortgage and monthly rent?

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How does someone voluntarily give up rights to a child?

You have to find someone to transfer the rights to, ie, someone who will adopt the child and then be responsible for him/her.

Can a person who holds title to a vehicle have it repossessed from someone driving it as a loaner?

Report it stolen.

How do you find out if someone elses vehicle has been repossessed?

"YOU" dont, the debtor does. call the lender.

How do you use the sentence he had?

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Can a car be repossessed one day after a payment was made?

Sure it can, if that payment was not enough to fufill your end of the contract. A car wont be repossessed if it is only a month behind. If you are five months behind, and make one payment, you are still behind... even the next day, when you are only four months behind. One payment may not catch you up. When you purchased the car, the deal was, likely, that you get to drive the sellers car, (seller still owns it till the final payment is made), and the seller gets money from you at stated time intervals, likely once per month. If you broke your end of the deal, you no longer have a right to drive the car owned by someone else. Make those payments on time, then you need never worry about the repo man.

If someone has a motorcycle in their name but someone has the property and is behind on payments can the motorcycle be voluntary repossessed by the main name even though someone else has the property?

Yes it can.

Can a car still be repossessed in the state of California if it is your final car note before payoff of the loan and all late charges?

This is a very easy question the vehicle is not yours until the FINAL payment is MADE.When you are holding a title in your hand that has been legally cleared of any liens that is when you can stop worrying about someone potentially repossessing it for non-payment end of story.

A regular payment to someone who has retired?


Can an owner voluntarily let someone put a lien on a vehicle?

Yes, but why would anyone want to do this?

How do you nominate someone to purchase repossessed car?

You don't. The car will go to an auction, and the highest bidder will win it.

Can capital one sue me for non-payment?

Capital One can sue someone for non-payment of their account. It is very unlikely that you will be sued by the company.

Can a car be repossessed because someone is borrowing it?

I wanted to add to my original question...Our car was repossessed by the finance company because they said they found out someone else was using the car because of car payments being sent from a different address. AND, they stated that they wanted to see the condition of the car. I thought a car would only be repossessed if you were late on payments? I have never heard of this, so I don't know what is going on.

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Can someone be arrested in Oregon for hiding a car that is due to be repossessed?

Only if the lender pushes the issue and its not very likely.

Can a car be repossessed if a co buyer files bankruptcy and the primary buyer has the car?

When someone files for bankruptcy, they are protected and their possession will likely not be repossessed. However, if they are, subject to repossession you would have to talk to a lawyer in order to keep the car.

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