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Think about it. You have proven that you aren't responsible (you broke the law right) and you want to be emancipated!?! Sure, it's possible but I suggest you talk to your probation officer about it first. He really is on your side. * Assuming the minor resides in a state that has emancipation status, the court would not accept an emancipation petition from the minor when such circumstances exist.

2006-08-29 03:09:34
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Can someone with adjudicated probation have a firearm?

Ask your probation officer.

Can someone on felony probation in North Carolina bow hunt?

Ask your probation officer.

Can someone on probation visit someone in county jail?

With the permission of your probation officer it is possible, provided the policies of the jail permit it.

Can someone on probation in South Carolina hunt with a bow?

ask your probation officer if they allow you to it is up to them

Can you travel out of florida while on probation?

Sure with the permission of your probation officer. If your officer is okay with you taking a trip or visiting someone out of State your officer can issue you a travel permit.

Can a probation officer search the home of some one not on probation?

Not unless someone is living in the house that is on probation. Probationers surrender some of their civil rights, but someone not on probation has search and seize protection that a probation officers powers can not supersede.

Is urine testing frequency determined by a judge or a probation officer?

Most judges will usually not dictate how often someone is drug tested. It is up to the probation officer.

How do you report someone who is in violation of probation?

Call there probation officer. If you don't know who it is just call the county in which you think they are on probation with. You can get the phone number for that county on the internet.

Can a probation officer require someone to take urinalysis testing if not court order?

yes, that is their job.... and that's one term of your probation.

If you are on probation can you visit someone at a federal prison?

Be cautious with this. Your probation may have some restriction in it that prevents you from associating with known criminals, or wording to that effect. Contact your probation officer for clarification.

Can someone on felony probation in South Carolina bow hunt?

Please ask your Probation Officer this question - I would like to see their response.

Can a person who has been charged with a federal misdemeanor and is under probation stay with someone who has firearms?

Check in with your probation officer. You may also have a problem if the person you are staying with has a record and/or is also on probation.

What does it mean to be an Absconder from Probation?

An absconder from probation is someone that stopped reporting to their probation officer as directed. They are no longer making themselves available for supervision and most likely a warrant is active for their arrest.

What happens in a violation of probation when they cant find your probation officer?

They will keep looking and schedule a later Court date. Someone from the probation office will cover the case. The Court will not just forget.

Will Florida extradite someone being held in Iowa with no criminal charge just holding them on a misdeamenor probation violation and the probation officer has retired?


What happens if someone was charged with domestic violence but paid a fine and got probation and then violated his probation?

he would go to jail or it depends on what the probation officer says to that person and how bad he violated his probation and what he did cause if its serious he would get put in jail or if it ain't serious he could go on house arrest and it all depends on what the probation officer says and what the court says to the probation officer and him and even though its a miner thing he could still get locked up for it

Can you become a probation officer with a felony?

No. This is not true. You can become a probation officer with a felony. You just have to work alot harder and find someone that will hire you. A felon is probation officer in St. Louis and he did 15 years in prison. He went against the odds and turned his life around, He can do so can anyone else. People need to get felons hope.

If someone in your home is on probation and the probation officer comes to do a routine visit can they search personal space and belongings to people in the home who are NOT on probation?

If the person on probation has access to those areas, yes. What do you think they're playing at here, a game of hide-and-seek? All they would have to do is hide their stash in someone else's room.

What is the difference between a juvenile parole officer and a juvenile probation officer and a juvenile case worker?

A juvenile parole officer is someone with a BS whom is assigned to juveniles out of prison and help them get back into normal life. A juvenile probation officer is assigned to the child as an alternative to jail/prison and to keep an eye on the child. The caseworker is in charge or directing and guiding the child when it comes to the actually law stuff. Probation Officer = Before Jail/Prison Parole Officer = After incarceration

Do you lose your bond money if she had warrant for failure to appear for probation officer?

Most likely since someone skipped.

Can someone on probation leave the country?

No. In most states you cannot even leave the county without permission from your probation officer. Some states allow you to leave the county, but not the state.

What happens when someone completes a probation sentence?

The probation officer sets a court date for you to go back in front of the judge and he/she says you have completed the court order and then your free to go.

Can someone be told to leave the state as part of the rules of their probation?

== == No. Probation is a period of time in which the person in " under control " of the Probation officer, so it would be silly to try to control someone who is "out of the state ". In most cases the person has to "report to the PO" on a regular schedule, usually every week or two.

If someone is on probation is it a violation to be friends with an ex-felon?

The best thing to do would be to ask your probation officer and follow his/her instructions and guidance. Usually, probationers are forbidden to associate with known criminals.

If someone is on supervised probation for a misdemeanor and leaves Colorado will they be extradited back to Colorado?

No one can answer this question. It depends on what the terms of YOUR probation read. SUPERVISED probation implies that you have to be available or check in periodically. Read the papers, or contact your probation officer. If you violate any requirements you will be VOP'd and probably a warrant issued for your arrest.