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If someone whose visa has run out for ten years has a child in US can they still be deported?

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Can someone be deported if their parents are here and siblings have been born here but they were not born here?

If that person is here illegally, then yes, they can be deported. For example, a student who is in the US on a student visa, whose parents may be in the US on work visas and who have siblings who were born in the US can be deported once they have either graduated or stopped attending school (their student visa will expire at that time).

When a child dies what do you call a mother?

She gave birth to a child. It makes no difference whether the child lived or died. She was, and still is, a mother. There is no special term in English fora woman whose child has died. No term similar to "widow" for a woman whose husband has died.

What is the difference between a love child and a bastard?

There is no difference. "Love child" is a euphemism for "bastard". They both mean someone whose parents are not married to each other.

Who is a military child?

A child whose parent is in the military

How could someone whose parents are both foreign citizens qualify to become the US president?

They have a child on American soil; that makes the child a natural-born U.S. citizen.

Can someone refuse to give you your child even though their power of attorney is expired?

Not enough information is disclosed about the situation to give a knowledgeable answer. By WHOSE authority have they been given guardianship over your child? WHOSE POA expired? WHO gave it to them? WHAT does their expired POA have to do with your child's custody?

What is an inbred person?

an inbred person is a not nice term for someone whose parents are related by blood for example when a brother and sister have a child, the child is said to be inbred. i.e. bred from inside the family

Whose blood does the child born with?

A child is born with his/her own blood.

What do you call a child whose parents are dead?

You call them a Orphan. A child whose parents are dead are called orphans or wards of the state.

What are the release dates for Whose Child Is This - 2007?

Whose Child Is This - 2007 was released on: USA: 1 December 2007 (video premiere)

Who is an uncle?

Any man whose brother or sister has a child is uncle to that child.

Whose breath rate is fast while running child or adult?


What is the term for a parent whose child has died?

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A child whose parents are dead?


Whose blood type does a child have?


Who is a total child?

He/she is a total child whose physical and mental development coincides with his/her age.

A child whose parents are dead is called?

An orphan is a child who has lost both parents.

What does a wet nurse do?

A wet nurse is a woman whose own child has usually died after child birth, but as usual she still lactates (produces milk). She is therefore employed to breast feed a child, as in the past it was seen as something a rich woman should not do herself.

Can you legally get married at age 16 in the stae of Texas if you and the one you want ot marry have a child whose already born?

You still need a guardian consent.

Whose chromosomes determine the sex of a child?

The fathers

What are the health risks to a child whose parents have herpes?

A child whose parents have herpes is at risk only if s/he is born when the mother is having an outbreak. There is no other risk.

Jack arruda who is?

someone whose annoying .

Who has the rights if a woman is legally separated - but not divorced - and has a child with someone else?

It's unclear as to whose "rights" and what "rights" you are asking about. CAUTION: In some (all?) states, for purposes of child support and visitation, the HUSBAND is considered (by law) to be the father of the child even if he did not conceive the child. Proceed very cautiously in this area!

Is it possible for someone whose license has been permanently suspended to still keep car insurance and registration so others may drive the car?


Who is an insolvent person?

An insolvent person is simpl someone whose liabilities far exceed their assets....they still controll the the money in a checking account

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