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The laws on collecting interest on a debt will vary by state and may be governed by the terms of the agreement, if any. However, most states do allow you to collect prejudgment interest and have it added to the judgment if the case goes to trial.

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Q: If suing somebody can you collect interest on the money that they owe you?
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What is accrued interest in regards to suing somebody for money owed to you?

If you specified an interest rate when you made the loan, you should be able to collect the principle balance plus the interest amount, from the date the loan was made to the date it is collected (accrued interest). Even if a specific interest rate was not specified, one could still add a reasonable interest rate and presumably collect that additional amount when suing for collection of a loan (or monies owed to you). If a court is involved they might decide on the exact amount of accrued interest and whether that accrued interest amount will be collected in addition to the principle amount (the original loan amount).

Can a condo board be sued for closing the swimming pool to save money?

The problem with suing the board is this: you are essentially suing yourself. Collect all the documentation sent to you by the association regarding the pool closing, and sit down with a common interest community-savvy attorney, to better understand your options.

If you were fired and are suing the company can you still collect unemployment?


Can you get money back from a money scam?

Try suing

Can somebody suing you get your money and house if you put it in somebody elses name?

In some states your primary residence is not legally forfeited in bankruptcy actions. However, if the court believes that you attempted to conceal your assets in the manner you suggest, it will not make any difference to the outcome.

Can you charge interest when suing your exhusband for bank child support?

You may ask the court to award a judgment for interest.

Do most creditors suing in court settle for half of the price?

No, not if you make them go to court. If they win in court they get all of the money plus costs and interest, why would the settle?

For how much money can you sue?

The amount of money that someone can sue for totally depends on what they are suing for and who they are suing. There have been many cases in which a company or person has been sued for millions of dollars.

What is default request affidavit and entry?

These are stating that you owe money that has not been paid off. Someone is suing you to get the money back.

What is LimeWire suing for?

limewire is suing people for downloading the music. when you download off limewire you are basiclly stealing peoples music. artists put out albums to get money and you are stealing it for free. complety illegal

A contractor wins a small claim in Wisconsin court - can he charge interest on the amount?

Yes, but interest must be included in the original small claim suit. E.G. suing for 18,000 dollars, plus interest. The judge will set the interest level or amount based on the state statues.

Can you sue a property manager if he does not collect rent?

Generally there is no point in suing a property manager for not collecting rent. It should be noted that the tenant is responsible for paying his rent on time. It is not the responsibility for the landlord to collect the rent. If the landlord does not collect rent and the tenant should send it to the landlord by mail or in person.

Can you be sued if you have no assets or money?

Yes. It may be a pretty hollow victory if the person suing you wins, though.

When was Suing the Pope created?

Suing the Pope was created in 2002.

How do you get the money that you are suing for if the person does not work?

Possibly from other assets, possibly from insurance, possibly you don't get it. There is no guarantee that you will be paid.

Spell sue If your suing someone?

Spell you're if you're suing someone.

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Is loansharking illegal?

Yes, it can be. There are legal limits set by each state on the amount of interest that can be charged on a loan. Going above this limit is called "usury." Usury laws prevent loan sharks from suing to get their money back. Obviously, being unable to sue to recover their loan causes most loan sharks to resort to other, less honorable methods. Threats, intimidation, etc. These, of course, are also crimes. Additionally, it is a federal crime to attempt to collect on a debt when the interest rate is more than twice the rate allowed by state law.

Should you counter sue?

If you have grounds to counter sue yes if you are in the wrong and the person suing you has a legitimate claim then don't waist your money.

How do you find out who is suing you for child support?

If someone is suing you for any reason, the court will send notice to you.

You were in an accident 2 years ago and the other person is suing is she suing you or the insurance company?

She is suing you and you must notify your insurance company of the lawsuit. They will pay, make an offer to settle or defend you.

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Can a lawyer place a lien on your property for legal fees?

Yes, by suing you in civil court and obtaining a judgment lien.Yes, by suing you in civil court and obtaining a judgment lien.Yes, by suing you in civil court and obtaining a judgment lien.Yes, by suing you in civil court and obtaining a judgment lien.