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tripometer doesn't work either.

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Q: If the 1992 Grand Marquis speedometer works but the odometer isn't what's broke?
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Why did the speedometer and odometer stop working in a 1996 subaru impreza?

Sounds like the speedometer cable broke.

What would cause a 1990 Toyota Camry's odometer to stop working?

If the speedometer doesn't work either, then the cable broke or came loose. Otherwise, the gears in the odometer broke.

I have a 2001 ford expedition and the speedometer and odometer are not working can someone help?

I had a similar problem on my old 90 Nissan pathfinder and it ended up been a Speedometer cable that broke.

Why would odometer quit working but speedometer works on 1996 nisssan pickup?

the little gear that turns the numbers is broke and the only way to fix is replace the whole speedometer.

Why are the possible reasons for a speedometer not moving?

Three possible reasons. Gear in transmission which is plastic could be broke. Cable itself broke or speedometer head in dash broke. Good luck.

1998 Chevy Malibu speedometer doesnt work why?

its broke

Why did the speedometer stop working in a 1985 celebrity?

In my personal experience the speedometer stopped working because the mechanical drive cable broke.

Why doesn't the speed odometer work on your acura integra?

probably broke cluster,needs to be replace

What was Marquis De Lafayette's weight?

They couldn't figure out his weight because he broke the scale.

What is a good sentence for speedometer?

I didn't know my car was going 72 mph because the speedometer broke. The needle on the speedometer bounced whenever I hit a pothole. The speedometer's needle was stuck at 15mph. Before I could glance at the speedometer, the policeman's radar gun clocked me going over the speed limit.

84 Honda nighthawk speedometer not working?

I got a 2008 it just broke on. 3400 miles :(

Speedometer broke 94 Honda Accord?

possible cable Remove from transmission and check if in one piece - if not remove speedometer head and replace cable to transmission and head

1996 Grand marquis why no brake lights and can't get out of park?

You have a pressure switch behind the brake pedal. It is either broke, out of adjustment, or disconnected. if it doesn't work you won't have brake lights and you won't get out of park (safety feature).

Speedometer quit working on 1993 Jeep Cherokee what is wrong?

Your speedo cable is broke and needs to be replaced

How do you repair a broken speedometer on a 1980 Chevy chevette?

We had a speedometer problem it was the key that locked the speedometer driver gear to the transmission output shaft. The key was broke had to pull the rear housing on the transmission to get to the gear. Yea you have to pull the transmission. Ez

You cant read your speedometer odometer because you have no lights but the rest of the dashboard is lite Help?

things to check on dahsboarddepending on year of car it may have a printed circuit.The circuit may be broken or burned keeps the circuit complete to light the rest of dash except the speedometer or odometer.If it doesn't have a printed circuit you may burned out light bulb or fuse,or a wire may have came off ,broke, or bad connection.

Speedometer stopped working on 1993 Toyota corolla?

sounds like the cable broke usually on the transmission end

1993 mercury cougar odometer does not work anolog speedemter workes?

The gears inside the odometer broke due to heat and age. You can buy the gears and replace them yourself. Or you can take your car to a place were they work on odometers.

What is the top speed of the 1984 ford bronco xlt 4x4?

i broke my speedometer and it says 85 and it started coming back around and broke and it was in 5th gear 2500 rpms

What is the top speed of a 1981 z28 camaro?

I personally have broke the speedometer because I was going so fast, but I was going downhill.

What causes 1994 camaro speedometer to stop working?

The gear between the driveshaft and the transmission is broke you need a knew one

Why did my speedometer stop working?

Most likely reason is the cable kinked or broke. Might be able to be more specific with more details.

Why does the speedometer stop working sometimes?

Either your VSS (vehicle speed sensor) or your GEM Module (generic electronic module) is not working/broke.

Name the corner where Michael Schumacher broke his leg in 1999 and which grand prix race was it?

Stowe at Silverstone in the British Grand Prix.

How can you get the crank sensor out of the block when it is broke on a 31 grand prix 1989?

pull it apart