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Check the pressure switch to the AC.

migh be loss or refrigerant in system. Safety pressure switch will shut compressor down when pressure is below specs, it saves your compressor. Have a/c checked...........Mike

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:57:11
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Q: If the AC compressor stopped working on a 1999 Cherokee but never made noise and just quit running as if it was getting no power what could be wrong?
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If the compressor has stopped running altogether the AC will not work.

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the compressor was working and now it has stopped, the clutch spins free but when i put my tester to the wires that connect to the compressor there is no power and the clutch dose not jump on can you help.

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My Central air conditioner is making a louder humming noise then usual and is not blowing cold air It was working in the morning then stopped blowing cold and got noisey in the afternoon help and ty?

check and see if evaporator coil restricted, coil frozen, if not check pressures sounds like unit running but not shutting down, if coil frozen oil may be carried from compressor and leaving compressor with no lubrication repair before burning out compressor.

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