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  • If the bride is wearing pink you should wear a different color as the bride is suppose to be the center of attention.
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What does a Muslim bride wear?

There are Muslims in every country in the world. Islam does not have any specific ceremony or regulations, except that the bride, groom, and bride's representative have to agree, and there has to be a contract and a party (the marriage must be made public), and the groom has to give the bride a gift ( Full Answer )

Why do brides wear white?

It was thought to be a sign of viriginity. Many years ago (in fact, going back centuries) women were expected to be virgins. In fact, it was the Queen Mother Victoria that started the fashion of wearing white. A bride can be different and wear white if she so chooses or another color.

Can a mother of the bride wear black?

Yes, definitely as this is the 21st century and there are plenty of black/white theme weddings. The bridal party and guests are required to wear black and the different shades of white, including cream and beiges. The overall look created is eye appealing and camera inviting. Black is slimming to an ( Full Answer )

Why do brides wear veils?

The bride's veil and bouquet are of greater antiquity than her white gown. Her veil, which was yellow in ancient Greece and red in ancient Rome, usually shrouded her from head to foot, and has since the earliest of times, denoted the subordination of a woman to man. The thicker the veil, the more tr ( Full Answer )

What color does the mother of the bride wear?

Usually, the mother of the bride tends to wear colours thatcompliment the bridal party rather then match them. . Colors that complement the bridal party are for example, if thecolors are blue, the mother of the bride could perhaps wear royalblue, baby blue, navy, ocean blue. I think you get the ide ( Full Answer )

Does the bride wear white for a second marriage?

Yes absolutely she can, I too am getting married again and as I never had the white wedding I wanted before I really want to do it now. Luckily my fiance feels the same and I have a stunning white wedding dress with all the trimmings (no veil though as that does denote virginity). White wedding dr ( Full Answer )

Why does the bride wear a bridal veil?

The bride's veil and bouquet are of greater antiquity than her white gown. Her veil, which was yellow in ancient Greece and red in ancient Rome, usually shrouded her from head to foot, and has since the earliest of times, denoted the subordination of a woman to man. The thicker the veil, the more tr ( Full Answer )

Why do Chinese brides wear red?

Red is a colour in China that means good life, so after then get married, they'll have a good life and good future. Nobody wants bad luck in the future so the Chinese do it just to make sure.

Dose the bride have to wear a dress?

Well, I suppose the bride can wear whatever she wants but it is definitely proper to wear a dress. Your wedding is one of the most formal occasions that you will attend. It is your day, and you are supposed to be the star and outshine everyone else (besides your husband of course!). It is definitely ( Full Answer )

What does the brides mother wear to the wedding?

It all depends on the bride who sets the theme, formality, colorsof the wedding, etc. It is a formal wedding, a long gown iscustomary and the colors or colors depends on the color motif ofthe wedding. It it is a semi formal or garden type wedding, ashorter dress like a tealength or kneelength is app ( Full Answer )

What should a bride wear to the wedding?

if its a formal wedding they should wear a white long dress with a vail and their hair all fancy.... that's what i would aim to wear

What color do chinese brides wear?

I'm not from China but I know it's red you or me would wear a white dress but the Chinese wear red. I'm not sure if other countries wear them as well...

Why do Indian brides wear red?

it is the colour of 'shakti' - in hinduisum strength that is embodied in females. Red is the colour associated with female hindu goddess and is a colour of good luck and prosperity. Even at death Women are wrapped in red when cremated.

Who was the first bride to wear white?

No one will ever be sure who the first bride to wear white is, but it has been said that Queen Victoria of England was the first person to wear white and made a fashion statement with wearing white at her wedding.

Why do brides always wear white at their weddings?

I believe it's from way back in the old days, when a woman didn't lose her virginity till she was married. They dressed themselves in white to show the "pureness". Nowadays that's the tradition that's been followed.

Why does the bride wear white?

Because white is the colour of purity and referred originally to the bride's state of virginity and innocence.

What does the Jewish bride wear at her wedding?

It depends on the Branch of Judaism she practices: 1. Orthodox: 100% Modesty - Orthodox Jews only wear dresses that completely cover them up. 2. Conservative: Semi-Modest - Conservative Jews can wear short sleeves or sleeveless dresses - NO "plunging" backs and necklines. 3. Reform: Optional - Re ( Full Answer )

Why do brides wear veils at their weddings?

Religiously it has been known to show honor of the bride. It hasalso been known to symbolize virginity and modestly. I think themore modern interpretation is just the act of revealing the brideas a form of presentation.

Why does a bride wear a veil?

to conceal there beauty in the ceremony which usually takes place in a church. It's like going to church UN-clothed you wouldn't like that would you. W.J.:P

Why do Hindu brides wear red?

Green is the colour of fertility, Orange / Saffron is the colour of renunciation, White is the colour of widowhood and Red since it is associated with the rising sun is regarded as the colour of a new life. Moreover the planet that rules the marriage i.e. Mars is reddish in colour. Most north hindu ( Full Answer )

Why does the bride have to wear something blue at her wedding?

The next line of this old saying actually hints at its origin. The complete phrase is: . Something old, something new Something borrowed, something blue And a silver sixpence in her shoe. . A sixpence is a coin that was minted in Britain from 1551 to 1967. It was made of silver and worth six ( Full Answer )

Can your sim wear a brides dress on the sims3?

Yeah! Well, not really a bride's dress, but a white dress that is hot and looks bridal. I love it! In Create a Sim, in formal wear, look for the long white dress that has sorta diamond shapes for breasts and has a necklace or not. It comes in white, pink, and yellow. Have fun! For more info, check ( Full Answer )

Do brides wear diapers?

Some brides would wear a diaper if they have a heavy dress, although I'd suspect that they would only be used for peeing or if the bride had a heavy period

Can a pregnant bride wear white?

Some pregnant brides do. The best thing to do is wear the white wedding dress BEFORE the pregnancy starts to show! but you can wear white for your wedding when your pregnant.

What does the Bride wear on her thigh during the Wedding?

The bride wears a garter about three inches above her knee. When it's time she will sit on a chair and music will play; the groom will make a big production of taking the garter off his bride and then throwing it over his shoulder to the single men behind him. Whoever catches the garter is suppose t ( Full Answer )

What does a Sikh bride wear?

Well i think a Sikh bride wears a something called a... lengar (a skirt type thingy) that's it some bangle thing called maiya and henna which is usually put on her hand also a nose ring like a bull really, also a tikka stick on your forehead!!!! xx

Why do brides wear blue?

Blue was considered a sign of purity in biblical times, then the tradition evolved into wearing blue on the bottom of the brides dress. Today, the brides have transitioned it to wearing blue in the garter

What is the theme from the princess bride movie?

There are several themes in the novel The Princess Bride, which include: . Good versus Evil . Revenge . Appearance versus Reality . True Love Overcomes all Obstacles . The Fall and many more.

What does a Hinduism bride wear on their wedding?

There're different cultural groups in hinduism.they wear different bridal clothes according to their cultural group.we can not say exactly but in general bride have to hide their face making a hood of a transparent clothes and This is just a sign of shyness.But Hindu brides do not wear white clothes ( Full Answer )

What a bride wears?

Depends if its the church wedding or a civil wedding. If its a civil bride can wear anything she wants and if it's a church wedding it depends on religion. For example, Christians would usually wear white dress and in Hinduism they would wear red saris.

What do Sikh brides wear?

If they are a traditional punjabi you wear a red lengha but if you are a true sikh you will wear a blue or orange simple suit

Can a bride wear a tealdress for the wedding?

A bride can wear whatever colour dress she prefers. It is more traditional to wear a white or ivory dress. If you decide that you'd rather wear teal then do so.

Why does a Sikh bride wear red?

true sikh brides do not wear red they wear blue or orange , the people who wear red are punjabis not sikhs

What does a Christian bride groom wear?

They wear what is customary for where they live and for the church they go to. Normally it is a dress suite depending on if the weeding is formal or informal. The most popular colors are black, white, and gray.

What to wear to a theme party with theme a?

Abba - Popular Swedish band between 1972 and 1982. A great choice for a group of 4. Avatar - 2009 film by James Cameron. Costumes are available although you will also need some blue face paint to complete this look Absolutely Fabulous - 1990 television programme, starring Jennifer Saunders & J ( Full Answer )

Do Jewish brides wear henna?

No The Henna ceremony is held a week or so before the actual wedding. During the ceremony, the hands and feet of the bride and her guests (and, in some communities, the groom as well) are decorated in intricate designs with henna, a red dye made from crushed henna leaves.

Can mother of bride wear black?

The Mother of the Bride CAN wear black---but it would be very poor form. People at weddings should be wary of black.

Why do brides have to wear white?

There is nothing written in stone that a bride must get married in white. White was used throughout society to mean 'virginity' but it was taken out of context. It was Queen Victoria that started the fashion trend wearing a white wedding dress. If a bride chooses to wear another color to her own wed ( Full Answer )

Why do you wear pink?

because if you wear pink it helps make a cure for the woman that has breast cancer

Does the mother of the bride wear a blue dress?

No, the mother of the bride does not have to wear a blue dress. The mother of the bride can wear any color dress she likes best, provided it's not white to upstage the bride.

Do Jewish brides wear white?

Yes, but in other countries, they wear colorful costumes. There is no religious Jewish Law about what a bride must wear and so a Jewish bride will typically wear the colors that a bride wears in the general area of heritage. Western Jews usually wear white. Yemenite Jews wear a myriad of colors a ( Full Answer )

What color dress should the mother of the bride wear if the bridesmaids are wearing blush pink?

The critical thing is that she shouldn't take attention away fromthe bride. Everything else is largely irrelevant (though ideallyshe should neither wear the exact same color as the bridesmaids norsomething that clashes hideously with it). It's pretty common for there to be at least a few photos of ( Full Answer )