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If the toy was banned from the United States for a potentially hazardous reason, then yes it would be unethical to sell it to Another Country. It may be legal in that country but ethically questionable.

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Has chicken been subject to import bans?

The future of poultry exports faced uncertainty in the early 2000s, due to various quota and bans put in place by other countries.

A government ban on trade with other countries?

When a government bans trade with other countries it can be called embargo or boycotting, depending on the circumstances. Embargo is when a government bans trade with another country in attempt to isolate it. Boycotting is when trade is ban in order to intimidate or show disapproval and need for change.

Are poll tax legal in all federal elections?

no,amendment #24 bans them(:D

Is it legal to own pet fox?

Yes, it is legal in the US to own a pet fox, but some states have bans on them. Check with your state laws and regulations to see if it is legal where you live.

Is it legal in the us to eat human meat?

I have not found anything that specifically bans cannibalism in the United States, but there are other laws that could be used - possibly murder and/or desecration of a corpse.

Is same-sex marriage legal in Moldova?

No. The Constitution of Moldova bans same-sex marriage.

Is same-sex marriage legal in Montenegro?

No. The Constitution of Montenegro bans same-sex marriage.

Are pitbulls legal in flagstaff Arizona?

Arizona has pitbull bans only on Sho low and Luke airfoce base.

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What are the best bans for solo que in league of legends?

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When were CFCs banned?

The Montreal protocol bans CFC's from modern countries and was signed on Sept. 16, 1987. Is was still being made and used as of this year in some countries.

Are monkeys legal as pets in Texas?


Are gun silencers legal in new york state?

No. New York bans them just like they ban machineguns / full autos.

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Is poison gas banned?

Yes. The Geneva Convention bans it, but that's not to say that all countries have signed up to the Convention or that they abide by it.

What country routinely bans and confiscates books on Christianity and other religions?

The country that bans and confiscates books on Christianity is Uzbekistan.They impose a strict censorship on all religious material that comes into the country.

What is the plural of ban?

The plural of ban is bans. As in "the wikianswers Supervisor bans the rulebreaker".

What amendment bans gay rights?

No amendment bans gay rights on a federal level.

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it depands like if u like ray bans i thiink they look cool on girls no offence

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What can happen in a drought?

Crops fail to grow and everyone is hungry.Hosepipe bans.Water needs to be shipped over from other countries (In Severe cases.)People die of having not enough water (In severely severe cases!)Hope this helped!

Does America's Best contacts and eyeglasses carry ray-bans?

Yes, they carry a selection of sunglasses.

What Treaty banning nuclear weapons?

i believe it was the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. No treaty bans nuclear weapons. The nonproliferation treaty simply tries to limit them to countries that already have them. But countries that don't sign can still try to make them.

Is same-sex marriage legal in Zambia?

No. In February 2010, the National Constitutional Convention unanimously agreed to adopt a clause that specifically bans same-sex marriage.

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