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I just had to replace my alternator and the battery light was coming on when I had slow engine speed (under 1000RPM)...It gave me little warning and completely failed after 20 miles, then the battery went dead and , of course, the engine stopped...

Replace the Alternator before you get stranded as what happened to myself...

check the connectors and wires first. make sure their clean and tight. if beltis tight it should be ok. have alternator tested.

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Q: If the battery light has been coming on and off on a 1999 Ford Expedition does it need a new alternator or just a new serpentine belt?
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Why does your battery light keep coming on?

It could be a loose serpentine belt. Or if the alternator is going out either way its most likely a charging problem.

If the battery light has been coming on and off on a 2002 ford expedition does it need an alternator?

Auto Zone will check your charging system for FREE. Go to any Auto Zone and have them check your Alternator / and charging system.

There is a squeal coming from the alternator Is this an alternator problem or serpentine belt problem tightening problem or a pulley bearing?

Remove the serpentine belt and check the belt and pulleys for damage. While the belt is off, turn the alternator by hand listening for the noise.

Will a dead alternator drain a battery?

Yes. If the alternator is dead and you drive the vehicle, all the power is coming from the battery and it will eventually drain completely. Also, if a diode is shorted inside the alternator, that can drain a battery.

What does the battery light on mean in your town and country minivan?

The battery light coming on in your Town and Country minivan means that the alternator needs to be replaced. The alternator charges the battery and if it goes bad it will not charge the battery.

Battery light keeps coming on Battery is not charging?

Have the charging system checked. Possibly loose or corroded wiring, a loose alternator belt, or a bad alternator.

Does your alternator belt have anything to do with your brake light and battery light coming on?

yes i think cause the battrie runs of the alternator

Why would Battery light and brake light came on 2000 Nissan maxima?

Battery and brake light coming on means the Alternator is not charging the battery . It could either mean a bad circuit connection or the alternator is just shot. Have the Alternator checked.

Why does the battery light keep coming on in a 2004 Mazda tribute?

Battery is not charging due to defective alternator or the battery itself needs to be replace.

Your 1991 Mitsubishi Might Max alternator won't charg your battery?

Check the fusible link coming off of the battery.

Just replaced alternator on your Mazda tribute and the battery light is coming on slightly what would cause this?

Loose alternator drive belt or loose or corroded battery cables. The battery itself may also be bad.

Why are the battery light and the brake light coming on and staying on in your 96 Infinity?

needs new alternator

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