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File for in and they will contact Canada.

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How does a Canadian mother get child support from an American father?

The mother should contact her local Canadian child support agency. They will coordinate with the State in which the father is located.

Are you Canadian if your father is Canadian and your mother is American?

yes, you are part Canadian, but also American witch is sexier :) hahah

Canadian mother American father baby born in Mexico?

The baby is Canadian, American and Mexican.

Can you collect child support from the girlfriend of the father?

No, child support can only be taken from the birth parents.

Can child support be collect from a deported father?

It can be done if the father is living in a country that has an agreement with the US - contact your State's child support agency.

Is a man whose father was American and mother Canadian and was born in Canada eligible for citizenship in America?

YES, if the father has retained his american citizenship,no problem. In fact you can have dual citizenship Canadian AND American.

If a father terminates his rights can he collect child support from the mother if the child lives with him?

if the mother terminates her rights can he collect child support from the mother if child lives with him?

What nationality is Madonna?

Madonna is an American. Her father is Italian American, her mother was French-Canadian American.

What race is Drake?

African-American (father) and Jewish Canadian (mother).

If a got married can the mother collect back child support from my father?

Marriage of the mother, father or child have no relationship to the collection of a debt.

Can you collect child support in Indiana if your married but separated?

Yes, provided the separated parent is the father.

Is Russell Martin black?

Russell Martin's father is Black (Canadian) - his mother White (French Canadian.) So, by most widely observed American standards, yes. He is however Canadian - not American

Can a father work and collect welfare on a child he has shared custody and mom pay child support?

Yes, if the father has more time with the child than the mother, she will owe him child support.

What race is drake the rapper?

His father is an African American.His mother is Jewish Canadian.

What is drake nationality?

Drake is Jewish Canadian (from his mother) & African American (from his father).

Was Walt Disney Latino?

No. His father was Irish-Canadian and his mother was German-American.

Can you collect child support if you are 24 and your father has passed away?

No, you can't. First, you can't sue a parent for child support. Second, there is nobody to collect it from since your father has passed. However, if your father has an estate you could contact the attorney handling the estate or a private attorney to determine if you have any rights in his estate as an heir at law.

What race is aubrey Graham?

He's father is African-American and his mother is Jewish-Canadian

Is Drake Ethiopian?

No. Drake's father is African American and his mother is white Jewish Canadian.

If a child turns 18 does the father that didn't pay child support still owe back child support to the mother in SC?

The father probably still owes the back child support, but it may become more difficult to collect.

If the father gives up rights to the child can the mother still collect child support from the father?

no the mother should have the legal obligation to take care of the child

If a Canadian woman is giving birth to a child in Canada and the father is an American citizen what are his rights regarding child custody assuming the parents do not plan on marrying?

None, even if you lived in the same country. Only the court can grant you rights, in this case, a Canadian court, but an American court will handle child support.see links

If child is born in USA and mother is Canadian and father is American is child Canadian or America or both?

The kid is an American,EH!Child born to Canadian mother and American father is a North American. Being born in the USA means child is a citizen of the USA. Birth certificate,if filed,will state personal identification information. Birth registration should state time and place of birth. lets clarify this one.. If the child is born in the US to a Canadian mother and American Father, then the baby is initially American, seeing as it's born in the US. However, Canadian citizenship CAN be obtained seeing as the mother is American. Visit Immigration Canada's website or call your closest consular office for more information on the process.

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