Periods while Pregnant

If the condom broke but your period started 5 days later could you still be pregnant?


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Not likely. Starting your period is an indication that you are not pregnant. However, some women's periods continue (usually lightly) in the early stages of pregnancy. It is not something to be too concerned about, though, this is rather rare. Try a pregnancy test, most over the counter ones are fairly accurate and can be done 5 weeks after the possible conception has taken place.


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Ok me and my boyfriend had And of incourse broke can get pregnant still get my period

It sounds like it broke on exactly the right day to get you pregnant. however if your periods started as normal you are probably OK, However it is not unheard of that the periods started even while pregnant.

Most likely, you are pregnant if it has been two moths and if the condom broke. Good luck!!

unless the condom had a hole in it or if it broke, and if your period is normal and you haven't missed any, no, there's no chance of being pregnant.

If the condom was the only form of contraceptive being used at the time, then yes you can get pregnant if it broke.

Yes. Because if the condom broke his sperm goes in side and fertilize the egg so yes you can get pregnant on your first day of your period.

honestly, it could vary! it really depends on who you are

If this was the ONLY time you have had intercourse since your last monthly period, there is next to no chance that you could be pregnant.

yup.broken condom means ur semen are in her vagina and there is chances that she get pregnant

No, unless it got through the condom or if the condom broke.

if the condom broke. then yeahh. doesnt matter if you were ending or starting your period. the sperm still gets in. and you still get pregant. sorry unless you were on birth control

everybody if different I have people say they got pregnant with there period on so I not so sure how true that is. Some women even have there period the whole time there pregnant so there always a possibility

If you just ended your period, you are not ovulating and your chances are low, but there is still a chance.-Akilae

No birth control is 100% effective. It is highly unlikely to get pregnant as long as you are on birth control, but something with a success rate of 99.99% still means that 1 out of every 10000 people will get pregnant on it.

it all depends on when it broke if you enjus

If there are sperm in the condom the woman could get pregnant.

The chances are the same as if the condom was not used at all.

Well here's a hint.....if you become pregnant, the condom broke.

Not necessarily. You should take a pregnancy test and get yourself checked out for sexually transmitted infections.

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