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As stupid as this sounds, you always want to check the basics as you are doing. First check to make sure the switch that dims that dashboard lights is not turned all the way down. This is much more common than one would think. If the switch is turned all the way in both dircections and you still don't have lights, the bulb(s) in the dash are probably out.

---in addition to this answer: i have the same problem and mine is stemming from a short somewhere in the electrical system. it started with dash lights, then tail lights, now turn signals...hope your problem is less severe but it could be the same thing. the jeeps and dodges are known for electrical shorts caused by excessive heat in the wiring. the plastic sheathing melts and fuses two wires together. look for a "sticky" or brown wire and there is your short.

It could also be a fault in the dimmer switch itself.

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2015-07-16 18:28:24
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Q: If the dashboard lights are out but the fuse is good on a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee how do you fix it?
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