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Yes as the father has become a defaulter then the mother can get full custody and have the parental rights of the father revoked.

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Q: If the father does not pay child support for more then a year can the mother get full custody or can she get the father's parental rights revoked?
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Can dad change custody order to an equal shared parental responsibility and pay no child support?

The child support amount would depend on the difference in income. Even sole custody fathers are ordered to pay child support.

Do you have to have full custody of your kids in order to get chilod support?

no, sole custody fathers can also be ordered to pay.

In Iowa does a Father who has been incarcerated and has had his parental rights revoked still obligated to pay child support?


Do you still have to pay child support if you have custody takin away?

Usually only the fathers

Who is eligible for child support?

This is interpretive as even sole custody fathers can be obligated to pay.

Can the mother who has full custody of a child still receive child support from the father who has not seen the child in 3 years after the father s parental rights are revoked?

Yes, the revocation of parental rights does not exclude the parent from being financially responsible until the child or children reach the age of emancipation, or the age ordered in the child support petition.

What is mothers custody rights when unmarried in Texas and?

She has full custody from birth. The father have to prove paternity in court to gain his parental rights and get custody, visitation and pay child support.

Do you have to pay child support if you have primary custody in California?

Fathers are frequently ordered to do so there, despite having primary custody. see link below

In ms can mother be awarded child support with joint physical custody?

Even sole custody fathers can be ordered to pay child support, when they earn more than the mother. see links

Can a mother claim child support if her rights were taken due to drug charges?

No. If her parental rights have been revoked by the court she would not have custody of a minor child and therefore not eligible for funds to support that child. If child support were being paid before the mother's rights were terminated that support now belongs to the person(s) or agency having legalcustody of the child.

What are the fathers Parental rights in Florida?

Their parental rights will depend upon each situation. If the father is good and is paying child support, he should be able to get just as much parental rights as the mother.

What are an unwed mother's rights in Colorado?

You have full custody and legal guardianship. The father have to go to court to get his parental rights and petition for custody, visitation and pay child support.

Who has legal custody in Arizona if never married?

The mother. The father have to prove paternity by a DNA test and can then get his parental rights and petition for custody, visitation and pay child support.

Can a Mexican mother have custody of her daughter so they can return to Mexico since she can't work to support her child in the U S?

Only the court can approve the child being removed from the country, which is unlikely, as Mexico does not honor fathers parental rights.

If a child is in state custody can parent sign over parental rights to a family member?

Yes, with the permission of the courts. BTW, termination of parental rights does not terminate child support.

What is non custody parent?

The person that does not have legal custody of the child(ren); few, if any, parental rights concerning the child(ren); and usually required to pay child support.

What happens if the state takes back custody of a child and puts the child in foster care because the mother has no parental rights but pays child support?

Parents usually have to pay for their child even if it is the state that has custody. The child is taken away and parental rights terminated in order to protect the child. If you want your parental rights back and custody you will have to turn to the court.

Do mothers ever pay child support to fathers?

yes...if the father has custody of the child or children then a woman has to pay child support just like a man.

If you have 50 percent custody but don't have your kids 50 percent of the time do you still have to pay child support?

Even sole custody fathers can be ordered to pay. see links

Should a father with joint shared custody pay child support?

That depends on income difference and time with child. Some sole custody fathers still have to pay.see link

Does a father still have to pay child support if the mother is granted sole custody of a child?

Unless the father has his parental rights terminated, of course he needs to support his child -

Who has legal custody of a minor child when parents have never married in va?

The mother until the father has gone to court to gain his parental rights and can petition for custody and pay child support.

What are the parental rights when the child has been given legal custody to the grandparent from CPS?

Legal Custody is different than Parental rights. The courts decides child visitation, etc. and parents could pay child support to grandparent. It is all up to the courts..

Does a mother have to change the child's lastname if she wants to claim childsupport and the real fathers last name is not the birth certificate?

No, a person does not have to change a child's last name in order to obtain child support. But, that person does have to have legal guardianship or legal parental custody of that child.

What if a judge messes up the amount of child support?

Depends on your interpretation of messes up. Child support guidelines are not mandatory. Sold custody fathers are still ordered to pay child support.