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If the friend does not communicate?

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If your friend does not communicate that could mean they are shy or that maybe they don't see you as the friend you see them. Try asking them and maybe they will respond.

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What do you do if if your friend is ignoring you?

You have to try harder to make him or her to communicate with you.

How can a fairy be your friend?

well i think that a fairy can be your friend if you you have that clean soul. If you communicate with fairies a lot they might be happy enough to except you as a friend.

How do sponges communicate?

they communicatetheir cells can communicatehellodear friend i hope some of this information is usefulthe sponges cells can communicate with the sponge cells.for an example say there is 2 sponges and one of the sponges cells communicate with the other sponge it's like talking for sponges.

How do goblin shark talk to other goblin sharks?

it communicate to his fellow friend

What programs can I use to communicate with my friend through microphone?

Xfire, and or skype ok .

There is a friend of mine and we both like this girl how do i get the girl instead of him?

Communicate with both of them. Be sencire.

How do you know if your boyfriend is cheatig on you with his x girl friend?

Watch how they communicate and spy if necessary.

What if your best friend has another best friend?

It is normal to have two best friends and as long as your friend spends time with you then there is no reason you should be concerned she/he has another best friend. If your friend is ignoring you constantly then communicate the fact to your best friend that she is hurting your feelings by doing this.

Can you friend people on the PC version on Minecraft?

You can't friend people (like a list). People will often use Skype or some social network to communicate.

How do you ignore a friend?

To ignore a friend is very disrespectful. As friends you should communicate on a better basis and tell your friend you need a little space and will call them later. Friends don't hurt each other.

What is mean by msn?

MSN means messenger it is a downloadable application for your computer that you can communicate with friend by instant messaging them

What should you do if your friend is not talking to you?

When a friend has ceased talking to you then you have either made them angry or they are simply busy. The best thing to do is to contact your friend and communicate with them and ask why they have not contacted you. Communication skills resolve many problems in relationships.

How does the internet help us communicate?

I believe the internet helps us communicate far better than we did 20years ago. An example of mine is where a friend is the other side of the world(Australia) and we communicate to her almost evreyday(via facebook,MSN and other messageing websites as such.

How want to communicate to my friend about my newborn baby through sms?

this is not a useful site... don't expect anything from this site....

What do you do if your friend is mad at you and want her to forgive you?

You have to try to communicate to her and if that doesn't work try to buy friendship by giving her a gift

Why won't my friend come to my house anymore?

* You need to communicate better with your friend as they may have a reason. Perhaps their parents have punished them from going out or, there could be other reasons. Phone your friend and meet with them and ask them why they won't come to your house anymore.

What is a vent used for?

To communicate with people through computers. It's like telephoning a friend using the microphone on your computer or laptop.

Why computers nowadays are in demand?

computers nowadays are in demand because it can easily communicate with each other and you can easily talk to your friend.

How do you make my friend take more notice of me?

Present yourself more. communicate more, do positive things that will register in their mind.

How do you get friends on pictochat for DS?

The Nintendo DS and DS lite does not have a friend code system so there is no way to get friends on Pictochat. As long as your friend is within range of your DS console, you can communicate through Pictochat but you cannot save friend codes.

Why do men communicate with women after the man breaks up with them- Prefer answers from men?

because they either still like u or u are an awesome friend to have around and just want to be your friend?

What does intimate mean?

* intimate (adj.) - close, sexual * intimate (n.) - close friend * to intimate (vb.) - tell, suggest, communicate

What does lyk mean on facebook?

Facebook is a website that you can communicate to your friends and whom you can find a new friend and also to your relatives and love ones!!

How do you know if someones still your best friend?

One way to tell is if you both still communicate with each other or hang together

Why is there such things as phones?

Well, what if your friend is very far away from where you live. How will you guys communicate? I don't think you would like to drive all the way to where you friend lives. Thats the useful thing about phones.

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