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When you're pregnant, you don't have a period.

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Q: If the girl is pregnant when will she mis her period?
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What happen if you get your girl pregnant and she ends up not being pregnant?

she had a mis-carage.

Can a girl have her period when pregnant?

no a girl can not have her period when she is pregnant. some females spot while pregnant and they get that confused with their period.

Is it likely for a girl to get pregnant after her period?

Once a girl has her period, she is at a chance to get pregnant if she is sexually active.

Is a girl pregnant if she skips her period?

That alone is not a confirmation of being pregnant. A girl may skip her period for too many reasons. But yes a pregnant girl does miss her period.

Can you not be pregnant and still have a delayed period?

yes you can, but if you mis two your most sertently prgenant

If a girl has not had her period but gets pregnant then will she have it during her pregnancy?

No, you will not have your period while pregnant.

Can you get a girl pregnant when she is on her period?


Can a girl on her period get pregnant?


When a girl is on her period can she get pregnant?


Can a girl have her period when shes pregnant?

its rear to have your period while your pregnant but its very possible.

Can a 11 year old girl get pregnant with her period?

If she is having her period then yes she can get pregnant.

Can a girl be pregrenat on her period?

No, a girl cannot be pregnant on her period. If a woman is pregnant then menstruation doesn't occur. Also a woman cannot get pregnant during menstruation - although she can get pregnant as a result of sex on her period.

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