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She does not love you.So be sporty and increase your relationship with her friend.

u should go ahead in your life and leave that worst girl who does not love you.

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Q: If the girl who you love wants you be in relationship with one of his friend what does this mean?
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Related questions

What is the difference between a lady friend and girl friend?

lady friend is just a friend girlfriend is a relationship or where he just wants to get her in bed and make love

What kind girl wants to love you?

where i can find new girl friend or best friend like girl?

When a guy tells you he is in love with his girlfriend?

It means that he is in love with his girlfriend that he wants to take his relationship seriously and he wants you as a friend not more than friends.

You really love this girl and you approached her and told her you love her but she wants you as a friend?

i want her as a true lover

What if a friend tells you he does not feel any love from a girl?

Just listen and be there for them. If he does not feel anything from someone he would like to then he will have to make the decision if he wants to continue a relationship with this person - suggest who does what is best for him.

How do you tackle fights in a love relationship?

When you and your girlfriend are having a disagreement, just remember that the girl is always right . The girl always wants to have most of the control in the relationship.

How you get your girl friend. you love her but not say.she is angry due to a mistake.Now she has a boy friend.3-4 months have been passed?

The relationship is over. Move on to a new relationship with a new girl and be happy.

Can a girl be accidentally in love with there best guy friend?

If the girl has been friends with the guy for a while and he is what she wants, then it is very normal for her to be in love with him. It has happened many times in the past, and I am sure this is not the last time this will happen. I mean, after all, ask anybody who's in a loving relationship and they would usually tell you that they're dating their "best friend"

What does it mean when a girl writes her name on your arm with a love heart?

If its just an average heart, that means she might like you or is just your friend. If its big or curly and curvy, that means she wants to get into a serious relationship.

Can a relationship between a straight girl and a gay guy exist and work?

Yes. A gay man can be with a girl if he wants to. They can love eachother, it would just be a sexless relationship.

What does a girl need from his boy friend?

A girl needs someone that they can depend on and love endlessly! he needs to be the man but know a girl wants respect!

What does it mean when your boyfriends friend says he wished he could find a girl just like you?

It usually means he admires your relationship, this is not to say he wants you exactly cause i have beenb in this position, he just respects you and knows how much love you share with your partner, he just obviously wants some one that could share love with him in that way.

How do you impress a girl whom you love but is also your best friend?

if you do want to be in a relationship just tell her that you love her but still want to be friends

What does a man mean when he says ' lets just be friends '?

When a man says that-he most probably means that he dosent love the girl in a relationship way and dosent want to have a love relationship with her. It means he just wants to be friends, no relationship

You like you friend but she has a boyfriend and she says she only likes you as a friend but gets jealous when you're with another girl?

she wants you to still be in love with her, even if she has a boyfriend.

She told you she doesn't want you to be a boyfriend but wants you near her?

well there`s go to be a reason for that tell her you love her and tell her you will do anything for her just for her to be your girl friend well there`s go to be a reason for that tell her you love her and tell her you will do anything for her just for her to be your girl friend

What is girl friend?

girl friend is a girl that you love or some people said the girl that you love and you have no idea that she love you or not

You have been in love with your best friend for three years but got the signal she didnt like you So asked out one of her friends so you can move on. Now she said she liked me and im with another girl?

Tell your friend that you cant break up your other relationship unless you dont like the girl are going out w/now and plus you need a reason to. if the girl you are going out with doesnt really like you than break up. or just really wants to talk to you than be here friend and get tips for the girl you are really in love with.

If your a guy and your friend is a girl how can you tell if she is in love with you?

if your a guy and your friend is a girl how can you tell if she is in love with you?

I am Iranian girl but i live in the UAE do you think bill kaulitz will love me like friend?

Everybody wants to be his friend but more likely we will remain fans and nothing else.

My best friend wants to date my cousin cause she really likes him and I am still in love with her even though she shut me down and she's talking about risking our friendship to date my cousin. Help?

She will love and date whoever she wants. The relationship you want with her is NOT one she wants. Get over it and move on.

Could a girl that says she wants to be friends act like she wants a deeper relationship?

Yes it could happen where a girl just wants to be friends, but later has a deeper relationship with that person. Time will tell whether she does or not. Some people mean they just want to be friends, while some people say it to protect themselves at the time from falling in love.

What a girl want from her boy friend?

honesty she just wants someone that will be there for her through the rough times and the good times someone who will stick with her wont cheat on her. will just be there for her. have you ever listened to wedding vows if you haven't do. it says everything that a girl wants from her guy. she does not want love though. not the silly love. the true love that is an ever lasting love that is what she wants.

What do you do when the boy you love likes your best friend?

Give up that boy! You do NOT let boys ruin a relationship with ya girl!

What do you do when your still in love with your ex and he has another girl friend?

Ask yourself whom faults it is if the relationship is over, and then let it go.