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If the guy you really like has a girlfriend what should you do ps- you really like this guy and had a crush on him for 2 years?


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He has a girlfriend. So you butt out. It's not complicated.

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you hould be yourself and maybe he will like you that's what you should do.but if u really really like him and you are willing to do somethings loook at his girlfriend see what he likes about her and only copy a few things off of her.Another answer:You should find someone else to like. This guy's taken. In a couple of years, you won't even remember his name.

you should just tell them and if she really means much to you be with her it shouldn't matter the age difference

No really < my ophion > i had my first crush when i was 11 but i guess it depends how u really feel about this person. youngest is most likely is 11 good luck.

If you really do like her it is ok I guess. But it is also a bad habit to get into I dont think you should kiss but it is all your decision. (is she ready for this)

At eleven years old, you shouldn't really be thinking about getting a girlfriend. Don't try to grow up to fast, your time will come.

If you want to and are having fun.

If you really love her that's isn't the problem.

like what type of crush do you mean if you mean like wise because if you really like someone it really doesnt dawn on you how you really feel inside and that's why it so hard for you to get over a crush even if they don't like you its still gonna be in your head and on your mind that that's your crush i know i had a crush even when it hurted and it took about 2 and a half years to get over it but now were real close friends...... -D'onnitha

Yeah I have a crush that has lasted 3 years.

Selena has a crush on Shia LaBeouf. She says he's really cute. She does NOT have a crush on Justin Bieber. She said he was cute, but wished he was 2 years older. *Selena Gomez and Justin have not dated and probably will NOT date.

If he is not keeping in contact with his ex crush then you are simply borrowing trouble by worrying about. If he is in contact with his ex crush then you should make it plain to him it's either you or her. He has no reason to keep in contact with her and if he refuses then move on with your own life.

there is no real rule on how old you have to be but you should only date not have sex

it all depends on if you really truly LOVE her with all your heart and if your would do anything for her or anything just to make her smile and of course if you really feel that she loves you back the shes the one and of course if your really young give it a few years

tell him i have a crush on someone 35 and im 20, it would be great for an older woman to tell me she fancys me.

I would say 5 years constitutes way more than a mere crush. You should try hitting on him. It depends on how strong your feelings are towards him. Even though it's been a long time, it can still be just a crush.

No, Crushes are normal and you can't really control who you crush on, however in most states and countries it's not really legal for a 15 year old to date a 22 year old.

Probably because he's REALLY hot and maybe 13 years old...

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