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If the remote does not work after battery replacement, you can reset by doing the following... This process requires two keys. Place one in the ignition, and turn on system (without actually starting), close door and lock with other key. Press unlock on fob, wait 3 seconds, press unlock again. Unlock with key and test remote. It should work then.

You need to take your car back to the dealership,the code may be incorrect or needs to be set again,changing the battery will not help if you do not have the codes re-set.Sometimes even if you drop your keys you may need it re-set,it depends on how sensitive the remote is.

go to napa, and buy a battery............... it looks like a watch battery. The keyless remote comes apart and you slip the new battery right in! it's very simple!!!!! It worked just fine in my beetle............

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Q: If the keyless entry buttons on your new Beetle do not work is it hard to replace the battery?
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Push the button and let the key out. Grab the remote with your hands at each end, and pull it apart. With the buttons facing dowm, pull apart top cover. Be carefull not to break the key holder loop. replace battery, type CR2032 3V - assemble parts together

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