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IF you are SURE you weren't in default of some part(ins.,ect.) of the contract, CALL a local attorney NOW.

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Q: If the loan was up to date but the van was mistakenly repossessed can you get compensation for damage to the van and lost work time?
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How to get back a repossessed vehicle if it was a lease?

Bring all the payments up to date.

What if bank did not notify you of the sale date on the repossessed vehicle?

They do not have to notify you. You have no legal rights regarding car.

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Why has your vehicle been repossessed if you are up to date on all title loan payments?

Call the loan company and ask them. If you are up to date on your loan you have a case against them.

How long before you don't have to pay off a car that was repossessed?

The lender will pursue collections for any unpaid balance for seven years from the date the car was sold after being repossessed. If the balance is large, they may pursue legal judgment. Obtaining this, they will have ten years from the date of judgment or last payment.

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Can your car be repossessed if the payments are up to date however the insurance has expired?

it depends on the stipulations in your contract. in most cases any breach of cantract can be grounds for repo

Can your car be repossessed after filing bankruptcy if you are up to date on payments?

On the surface, no. As long as you have not defaulted on the loan contract, there is no reason for repossession. The lender wants your money, not your car.

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What is a repossession affidavit?

It's the sworn statement that the lender files with the state DMV when a vehicle is repossessed. It includes data such as, how the vehicle was repoe'd (voluntarily or replevin order) the default date of loan, the date of repossession, the amount owed, the value of the vehicle, all indentifying information,(date and time, location) and so forth.

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Can a vehicle get repossessed if you are up to date on insurance and all payments?

Not usually, but extenuating or complicated circumstances might apply. I suggest you see a lawyer or consumer rights group (like the BBB).

Can an auto be repossessed after the contractual statute of limitations has passed in Virginia?

The statute of limitations on a written agreement in Virginia is five years. The date when it starts running may be difficult to determine, but it is possible.

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What do you do after a car has been repossessed?

Contact your finance company. They will often give you the chance to get the car back if you pay up to date plus impound fees and usually some more towards your balance.