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If the only reason you and your boyfriend broke up was because he was leaving for college is all the love gone between you if he says he might have found someone?


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I am so sorry to hear you are going through this and I won't lie to you ... this guy is self absorbed and has no regard for YOUR feelings. He's using college as an excuse and he's basically told you he might have found someone else. That's a pure slap in the face!

I know this pains you, but the up side to this is you found out now and not after you wasted many years on this jerk. Yes, he's a jerk! When you love someone with all your heart miles or oceans never keep you truly apart. Love is about commitment, respect, loyalty and honesty and this guy doesn't have any of these qualities and he'll pay dearly for them. I know it hurts to think he has someone else on the string, but remember, these types of guys are going to get theirs one day and if he did it to you he'll more than likely do it to more girls down the line.

Try to get over your pain (a grieving process) then get out there with friends, hang out at your favorite places and when you do that you open yourself up for finding a true love that for yourself that treats you with the respect you deserve.

Good luck & stay strongMarcy


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