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Axel and pilot bearings are two different things. The pilot bearing soes in the endd of a crankshaft and the axel bearings are on the axels. Neither should cause transfer case problems.

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Q: If the pilot axle bearings go out on a 1999 Ford Explorer AWD could this cause a transfer case problem?
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What is the cause of transfer case grinding while engaging?

Many things can cause transfer case grinding; shift forks, broken gears, bad bearings, anything really considering a transfer case is made up primarily of gears, sprockets, chain, and bearings. Hope this helps! T-RAV

What bearings in a 350 cause low oil pressure?

Cam bearings, Main bearings, Rod bearings.

What would cause the back passenger tire to move in and out alittle when its jacked up with the lug nutts all tight?

Its a problem with your bearings..

What does Faulty ball bearings cause?

Faulty ball bearings lead to bearing failure.

Can the fuel filter cause your explorer not to start?

I don't know about the Explorer but I had an experience with a Ford Mustang. I changed about everything I could think of related to the non-starting problem. Then I discovered there was a filter in the gas tank. Changed it and the problem disappeared!

What would cause a 1996 Ford Thunderbird 3.8L V6 to whine on acceleration?

I had that problem with mine and it was the bearings going out in the alternater. So try replaceing the alt.

What will cause Front tire to lean out?

The cause of the front tire leaning out comes from needing new ball bearings. It could also mean you need wheel bearings.

Can a whining while driving be cause by something other then bad wheel bearings?

Could be the carrier bearings or pinion bearings in the differential(s). Mine was the wife and kids.

What would cause a clunking sound in the front end when you hit bumps on your 1998 Ford Explorer xlt?

you should check the front anti-sway bar bushings, if that dont work check all ball joints , tie rod end's and stering knuckles if that don't get it check your wheel bearings. I have a '91 ford explorer and I had that problem. I forget the layout of a '98's suspension but anyways, the problem was the bushings for where the radius arms go into a frame cross beam. (The radius arms run front to back).

What is wrong with your car when it is making a high pitched squeak when the car is running?

There could be a number of causes. If the car is making the sound whilst stationary it could be a slipping fanbelt, or could be a problem with bearings. Water pump bearings are a common cause of such noise. If the noise is occurring only whilst travelling. It could be wheel bearings or rubbing brakes.

What would cause roller bearings to fall out on a 1996 ford e150 fan assembly?

Wear on either the bearings or race.

Why does your 98 Ford Explorer idle rough when cold?

The choke mechanism on your 98 Explorer could be sticking. The EGR valve could also not be functioning right. Either of these issues could cause the rough idle problem.

Ford Explorer service engine light?

The Ford Explorer service light will come on to tell you of a problem. The issue could be minor, or could result in loss of fuel economy, or cause engine failure over time.

Stuck in 4 low?

A broken shifting fork in the transfer case will cause your vehicle to stay in the gear that it was in when the shifting fork broke. Broken shifting linkage can also cause the problem.

What would cause the heater to a 1998 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer not to work and how to fix it?

The problem is probably the common blend door failure on the Explorer. Follow my user name to my Bio page for a pointer to the HeaterTreater web site. The site has diagnostic information on the problem and a bullet proof fix. ford4me

What cause the Airbag light to stay on in your 2002 Explorer XLT?

Problem with the SRS. Not a DIY repair. Take it to a professional. There may be a problem with your airbag system if the light is staying on. Take to a qualified technician or your dealership for diagnosis.

What is the cause and the solution of a 1992 Ford Explorer with push button 4wheel drive being stuck in 4high?

I have a 96 Explorer - had the same problem. There is a side cover on the transfer case, behind which is a small electric motor and a gear drive that switches the transfer case from high to low. I cleaned up this worm gear and re-greased it. Works fine now. I presume the problem was that since I hadn't used 4low for a long time, the grease on the worm dried out and caused the electric motor to thermo out and not run. Works now. Read this faq to do it yourself for free:

What can cause Internet Explorer not to open?

It is usually due to too many BHO's browser helper objects and maybe malicious addons There can be several reasons for internet explore not to open , for example 1 Either some of the files associated the internet explorer are corrupted or missing . 2 Some issue with the addons in the internet explorer . Note: Might be problem with internet connection. and may be problem with your computer.

What causes explorer to not change from 1st gear to 2nd properly?

Depending on the yr. of the explorer, you may have an A4LD transmission. These were known for similar problems if you have not change your filter and fluid I would do that first, is makes no difference what yr. your vehicle is this is always wise to do and may fix your problem. There are other things that can cause this type of problem.

What cause the service four wheel drive to show on a 2005 Chevy silverado?

This is usually a sensor or solenoid problem. There are 3 mounted on the transfer case.

What is Cause and Effect in English?

The problem is not cause, effect is the problem

What would cause a growl while in gear?

it,s the bearings or a bad gear.

Can clutch replacement cause wheel bearing fault?

not if you re pack the bearings!

What do you do for the wrench warning light on 2006 Ford Explorer?

The wrench warning light can come on for many different reasons in your 2006 Ford Explorer. A Ford dealership can diagnose the problem. Make sure the oil doesn't need to be changed, that will cause it to come on.

1986 jeep Comanche makes a rattling sound when you try to start it?

I had a similar problem with mine. As well the engine would rattle just after stepping on the gas only. I suspected rocker arms. Retorquing them did help with power but did not solve the problem. After tearing things apart, and my truck dying, I discovered the cause of the problem, the connecting rod bearings. 2 bearings where spinning and one was fused to the crank. The slop in these bearings was making all the noise. Interestingly the rattle always sounded like it was coming from the back of the engine or on the passenger side of the engine, not the bottom where I would have expected it to be coming from. I hope that helps.