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Q: If the signatories to a contract change is the original contract still valid?
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When a substance changes and still retains its original properties the change is called?

When a substance changes but still retains its original properties, the change is called a physical change. If it didn't retain its original properties, then it went through a chemical change.

Is a changed contract a new contract?

A change contract is not necessarily considered to be a new contract. This is because there may not have been many changes to the contract and the idea is still the same.

When a substance change and still retains its original properties the change is called what?

This is a physical change.

Do you still owe money on a car if you let it go back?

You have to honour the original sales contract.

When wood is painted is it a chemical change?

No its a physical change because the wood itself still has its original compound.

Can your real estate agent still get a commission when you sign a contract with another agent?

it depends on the contract that you have with your original agent. If you are on sole agency, then yes. if you are on a joint agency contract and if they have not introduced the buyer and they are on a winner takes all basis, then no

What does Opting-Out agreement mean?

An opting out agreement is an agreement between the parties of a contract. It is designed to notate how a person can get out of a certain contract legally. An opting out agreement still has to be approved by all parties involved in signing the original contract.

How long do you have after signing a use car contract to change your mind There was no purchase yet and the car is still on their lot?

You have signed a contract. You may have cancellation options listed in the contract, but generally once you have signed a contract, you are bound by that contract. You need to review the contract to know for certain.

Can I change my mind after I purchased the home?

Once you have closed title on the home, you can't change your mind. If you signed a contract and your contract is still in attorney review you may change your mind. However, keep in mind each state has their own laws and you should check with the contract laws of your state.

Does hulk hogan still have a contract with wwe?


Does breach of contract void a contract?

A breach of contract does not void the entire contract. It can still be enforced.

Can you change phone numbers while under contract?

It is possible to change a cell phone number while still under contract. A person just needs to call the customer service number of their cell phone provider and request to change their number.

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