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Refrigerators are typically airtight, so I'm very surprised to hear your food smells of camphor. Some folks confuse the smell of camphor (mothballs) with ammonia, a byproduct of decomposition. If there's any chance at all that you're smelling ammonia from the food rather than camphor, this indicates that the food may be infected. While this shouldn't happen if the food has remained below 42F -- and is even less likely if the food remained frozen -- it's not unheard of that a temporary power failure, perhaps while you were away, allowed your food to warm up, infect, and then drop back to safe temperatures, all without you knowing.

If this is a possibility, dispose of the food. It's not worth the risk.

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What will happen if you operate a new 2008 refrigerator in your garage?

Nothing, it is okay to use a refrigerator in the garage.

Can a refrigerator stay in a garage in the winter?

yes it can

Is it safe to eat meat from a freezer that smells of mothballs in the garage?

I hope to G-d this is a trick-question -_-

Is it dangerous for birds to make a nest up high in the garage?

it is not dangerous unless when the garage opens and hits the nest and it falls then it is dangerous. but it is not.

How do you keep cats out of your garage?

Close the garage door and other entry doors. Make sure the walls have no openings either high or low. They also don't like the odor of mothballs.

Why does the red reset button in the garage pop out when you plug in a refrigerator?

A garage will have a GFCI outlet. If this is what you are referring to then the refrigerator is either overloading the circuit or there is a ground fault. Sometimes equipment with motors, like a refrigerator, will cause a GFCI to trip. There may be a real problem in refrigerator causing the ground fault, or it may be an older GFCI that needs to be replaced.

Is putting a refrigerator in a garage energy efficient?

yes because it's cooler in the garage than in your house. Plus there are no confusing powerlines.

Is it dangerous to park car in garage when the car makes the garage smell like gasoline?


How do you use a refrigerator in an unheated garage?

I have used foam sheets to form an enclosure for the sides and top, and position your refrigerator against a heated wall between the garage and house; on the most bitter days of winter the fridge will have difficulties.

Can you charge your cell phone battery in a refrigerator?

I have charged my phone in a garage that was colder than a refrigerator. So yes you can why you would want to is beyond me

Are eggs that have been left in the garage for 36 hours still good to eat?

Unless the garage was as cold as a refrigerator, the eggs should probably be tossed out.

Do moth balls control mice?

Yes Mothballs repel mice. My neighbors and I have been using it for years. I had stopped for a year and wound up with a garage full of mice. Use it in my shed as well.

How do you use on the and in the in a sentences?

Put the book on the table.Put the book in the box.Put the car in the garage. (not on)Put my purse on the refrigerator. (not in)When you put the cheese in the refrigerator, did you put it on the Jello?

Can I put a fridge in my garage?

Yes, you can. I would make sure your garage does not get too cold though, if your refrigerator is self defrosting. Make sure the temperature stays above 55 degrees to avoid problems.

Is laying down a dangerous thing to do in a car?

Only of you are driving or the car is running in an enclosed space such as a garage.

Can you drive with 1 bolt on caliper and is it dangerous to drive?

That would be not a good thing to do. Have it towed to a garage for repair.

Do you need a licence to melt metal in your garage?

maybe because it's, i don't know... extremely dangerous?

When the AC is turned on hot air is coming out What do you do?

It needs some freon, just like a refrigerator does when it stops getting cold. Take it to a auto garage and they will do it for you.

Does a refrigerator keep food warm in below freezing weather?

Yes it does, I keep bottled water and cans of soda in mine in my unheated garage when the temp drops below freezing in the garage and it works for me. I am sure that if it was for a long cold spell it would eventually freeze.

How much electricity does the block heater use?

Block heaters are in the range of 1200 watts. They should be on a dedicated circuit. Many garage outside plugs are on the same circuit as the garage inside receptacles. People who have a second refrigerator or freezer in the the garage should be aware that the breaker will trip if both the block heater and the appliance try and operate at the same time.

How do you say the garage in French?

GARAGEa small garage= petite garagea big garage = grande garageGarage is the same in french as well as in English!

Does running a refrigerator in cold climate in garage damage it?

-probably not, but you should turn the temp gauge down to 1 if it is really cold out side. or set according to the temp outside

Why is it dangerous to run a car engine in a closed garage?

carbon monoxide will build up if there is no/limited ventilation, which leads to choking and death from lack of oxygen

Lawn mower gas can spilled in garage?

This is potentially dangerous. Pick up the can and replace the top. Then open the garage doors and windows to let the wind blow through until all the smell of gas has disappeared (this may take some time). DO NOT SMOKE, USE A NAKED FLAME OR ANY ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT IN THE GARAGE UNTIL THE SMELL HAS GONE.

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