If the word 'mouse' in plural is 'mice' and the word 'lice' in plural is 'lice' then why do you say 'houses' instead of 'hice'?

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Sorry, that's just the way it is. The reason is that much of the English language is a conglomeration of many different languages from different sources with many different rules of grammar. This is true even of the languages from different sources within the British Isles which consolidated the language as the power of the English monarchy consolidated. Over time, the language has evolved from internal and external sources.
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How do you get lice?

You get lice by coming in contact with a person who has lice. Youcan also get lice by using an infected person's combs, brushes,hair ornaments, headphones, clothing, or bedding. So you should notshare a friend's personal items because you could catch lice fromthem. You can get lice from just being a ( Full Answer )

Plural for mouse?

Mice is the most common answer, however, when you're talking about the computer input device the plural can be either mice or mouses. Both are in the Oxford English Dictionary when referring to the computer device - mouse. When we're talking about the little furry cheese-eater, the plural is mice.

What is the plural of the word you?

The pronoun 'you' functions as both singular and plural . The pronoun 'you' also functions as subjective and objective. Examples: Jack, you may go out to play now. (singular, subject) Class, you are all dismissed. (plural, subject) Jack, I made a sandwich for you . (singular, object) Children ( Full Answer )

What is the plural for house?

Houses Do not believe anyone who tells you hice, with the justification that the plural of mouse is mice. --- In old texts you might see housen ... "For the housen in Bedfordlane." - Churchwardens' Accounts of St. Michael's Church, Oxford , 1450 --LS

Plural of lice?

The word "lice" IS the plural form of the noun "louse". . one louse . many lice

What is the plural of the word was?

Well, it is a verb, and it can't be plural all by itself, but if you mean the verb for a plural subject, then it would be the word "were." I was, you were, we were (past tense). I am, you are, we are for present tense.

What is the plural of mice?

Mice is already plural. e.g. One mouse, two mice, and three blind mice! Mouse has an irregular plural, mice . .

Where can you get lice?

Anywhere. From anyone. You only need to come into brief contact with someone who has it. It has nothing to do with being dirty or unhygienic, and is very easily and rapidly spread. You might not even get near the person, such as hanging your coat near their coat on a rack, using a plush chair not lo ( Full Answer )

How can you get lice?

you can really get it from anywhere like school, work, or even at the grocery store. If you are near someone that has lice.. you have it to

What do you do if you have lice?

A good thing to do, is to either use tea tree oil, you rub it into your scalp to kill the lice, keep in for 10 or so minutes, or buy some head lice fluid from the local pharmacy, it is easy to use, just follow the instructions on the packet. Get a shampoo that kills them. Check the pharmacy.

What is the plural possessive form of mice?

"Mice" is already plural. You form the possessive in the standardway, by adding an apostrophe and "s" to the end: mice's . Example sentence: Ron said he would clean the mice's cagestomorrow.

What words do not have plurals?

Most English words fall into that category. For a start, only nouns and verbs can have a plural form. And many nouns have no plural: think of abstract nouns such as tenuousness and joylessness , for example. Some nouns, such as sheep, take the same form in the plural as in the singular, whic ( Full Answer )

What is the plural word for his?

The plural for the adjective pronoun 'his' is ' their ', a word that describes a noun. The plural for the possessive pronoun 'his' is ' theirs ', a word that takes the place of a noun belonging to someone or some thing.

When is the word you plural?

You can be singular or plural depending on the context. When addressing a single person, you refer to that person as "you". When addressing an audience, you refer to all the people as "you".

How do you clean your house after head lice?

A normal, thorough housecleaning should be sufficient for eliminating the threat of head lice in your house. Experts recommend vacuuming fabric surfaces (carpets, furniture, etc) that the infested person may have come in contact with. Any items that can be laundered are recommended to be done at ( Full Answer )

How do you know if your pet mouse has lice?

You can rub your fingers over the mouse and then examine your fingers in a bright light. You can see powdery white flecks on your fingers and if your eyes are good, you can see them move. If in doubt, use a magnifying glass and it will be obvious.

Why do you get lice?

you get lice because you hang around people that have lice or its because u dont take showers You get lice by being in close proximity to another person who has head lice... It has nothing to do with cleanliness..... that is scabies.

How do you get lice out of the house?

Yuck! Those are the nastiest creatures. Okay well, you have to wash everything and dry everything you possibly can. You have to dry the items so they are dry and not damp. The heat from the dryer is what actually kills the lice. So don't skimp on the drying time. When I say you have to wash and dry ( Full Answer )

Why is the plural of house houses and the plural of mouse mice?

It is the way language developed from early times. The old English word for a single animal was 'mus' and the plural 'mys. These names stemmed from Latin and Greek. Also the difference is caused by the human habit of being lazy and taking the easiest way. It was easier to say 'mice' from the old Eng ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you have lice?

Well If Yhu Want To Get Rid Of It It's Very Easy 1. Wash Yhur Hair Many Timee Bout 4 Timee 2. Do Roller On Yhur Hair 3. Blow Dry Yhur Hair With The Blower 4. Or Can Pass The Flat Iron Many Times The Heat Kills The Lice & There Eqqs

Does spraying your house get rid of lice?

If the right sprays are used, possibly.. There are several "sprays" that color that Nits (eggs) that a louse singular for lice) which make it easier to remove them. However, there is no scientific proof that spray a pesticide throughout your home, will help. the National Pedculocious (SP) Associati ( Full Answer )

When people talk why do they use the letter z instead of s in a plural word?

I think the reverse question is more appropriate: Why do people spell all plurals with the letter s when most are pronounced as a z? Answer: s is used to represent z all over the place in English. As in the words "as", "used", "represent" or "does", s can sound like a z. It folllows that it doesn't ( Full Answer )

What does the Latin word lice mean?

Louse (cinifes) is a 3rd Declension Feminine (Yes, Romans were blatantly sexist) noun. Thus: . cinifes -- the/a louse (subject)---------Nominative Singular cinifis -- of the louse/ the louse's------Genitive Singular cinifi -- to/for the louse-------------------Dative Singular cinifem -- a lo ( Full Answer )

Where do you get lice?

you can get it from anyone who has head lice or places like hotels , movie theater's friends house ( sharing bows brushes) pretty much anywhere you put your head where someone has head lice.

Can you get lice?

Yes, anyone can get lice. They fall out of hair and can get into pillows and stuff.

What words have no plural?

Most mass nouns (non-countable) nouns have no plural forms, e.g.: data (this has now replaced datum as the singular form), information, suspense, air, any of the elements

How do you say lice in french?

lice is translated "poux" (particular plural form with an 'x') in French. Louse is spelled "pou" (masc.). Pubic lice are commonly named "morpion" (masc.)

How do you get lice out of your house?

You will have to use a special shampoo made for head lice on everyone in the household to kill the lice. If the shampoo doesn't specifically state on the label that it also kills the nits (eggs of lice), you may need to use a special nit comb, which is a comb that removes the eggs of the lice. Other ( Full Answer )

Are there words that are plurals for plurals?

No, but some plural words have other meanings that can bepluralized. The plural "peoples" refers to more than one "people"(collective noun for an ethnic group).

Is mouse plural?

No, mouse is the singular version of mice. Mouse represents just one, mice represent more than one mouse.

What is the plural word for you are?

The pronoun-verb combination 'you are' is the singular or plural form; for example: Jane, you are next. Joe and Jane, you are next. Boys and girls, you are next.

Is mices' singular or plural?

No, the word mice is a plural noun. The word mice endingwith an s must have the apostrophe before the ending s (mice's). The word mice's is the possessive form of the pluralnoun. The singular noun is mouse. The singular possessive noun is mouse's. EXAMPLES Plural: Jack has two pet mice . T ( Full Answer )

What is the plural word for the?

The word 'the' has no plural. The word 'the' is a definite article, used to indicate that the noun that follows it is a specific person or thing. When more than one person or thing is spoken of, either no article or adjective is used ( The car crashed . to Cars crashed. ); the plural demonstrative ( Full Answer )

What to do when you get lice?

go to your doctor...and you will probably get a special shampoo or something to kill the head lice, and a special comb..

How do you say lice in singular nouns?

The singular for lice is louse . However the word is rarelyused as if you find one louse in your hair, there are certainlyhundreds of lice there.

What plural words end singular and plural?

Examples of plural nouns with plural endings: . parents . parks . hot dogs . lawyers . neighborhoods . tomatoes Examples of plural nouns with irregular plural forms: . children . cities . geese . media . men . teeth

What is the possessive plural of mice mice's or mices'?

The singular is mouse; the plural is mice; the plural possessive is mice's . When making an irregular plural noun into the possessive form, you treat the plural form the same as a singular regular noun. For example: . man, men, men's . ox, oxen, oxen's . goose, geese, geese's . party, part ( Full Answer )

Do you say Lice is or lice are?

"Lice are" - as the word 'lice' refers that there is more than one the word louse is used to refer to one lice

What is another word for lice?

"Genital Lice" would be something called "Crabs" it lives in your genitals, but doesn't last very long off the body. In other words for Crabs it can be called HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) and it can not be cured. As for the lice that lives on top of the head, then there is really no other word for i ( Full Answer )

What is the plural of a word?

the plural of word is words --- A variant of a singular noun which describes multiples. Generallythis is created using an appended letter 's' (such as Car singular Cars Plural) inEnglish however there are many irregular plurals nouns to whichthis does not apply. e.g. ane example of an irregular ( Full Answer )