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If one plaintiff in a jointly-filed case wishes to opt out of any settlement, he must file to have his complaint severed from the other petitioners. However, depending on the current stage of the case, the Court may not grant the request.

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What happens if you refuse to return children to their mother i am not on birth certificate?

I take it you have no established, legal relationship to the children. In that case, are you familiar with the term "kidnapping?"

Why did ALexander the Great refuse the peace settlement from Darius the 3rd?

no material motives

Why did the allies refuse to accept a negotiated peace settlement?

The Allies refuse to accept a negotiated peace settlement presented by the Central Powers because they could not trust in their willingness to fulfill the terms. Germany was in particular deemed untrustworthy.

Can a sixteen your old daughter refuse visitation with her father for the summer?

Depends on what the div. settlement says but the real question is WHY does she refuse to spend the Summer with her Dad?

Can a spouse refuse to contribute financially to mortgage and utilities then still get half in settlement?

Yes, a spouse can refuse to contribute financially and still get half in a settlement depending on a couple of factors. The first is how long you have been married and the second is what state you reside in.

Is there counseling for the parents of drug addicted adult children that refuse help.?

Is there counseling for the parents of drug addicted, adult children that refuse help?

Why did the American Indians refuse to help the settlement at San Miguel de Gualdape?

The people in the settlement most likely treated the Native Americans badly, and sold some into slavery, as most European colonists did. Therefore, the Native Americans would attack some parts of the settlement, and would refuse to trade with the colonists.

As a mother can you refuse a DNA if requested?

Not if it is court ordered.

Can a mother refuse a court order for dna testing?

No she can not.

How long does it take to get a settlement from life insurance companies?

On average a company has 60 to pay the settlement or notify the beneficiary if there are any problems concerning the settlement. If the beneficiary killed the insured person the company can refuse to pay.

Can a mother refuse a paternity test?

Not if it's court ordered.

Can a business owner refuse to allow small children?

no he is permit to business a small children

Can the mother refuse a visit if she doesn't agree with where the child will be taken Also there is no court order?

If the father have no court order for visitation she can refuse.

Can a mother refuse a paternity test if she knows that he is not the father?

Not if it is ordered by the court.

If you are 15 can a judge force you to live with your abusive mother?

If you refuse to live with your abusive mother, and the judge forces you to, then you have no choice but to live with her.

Can an unmarried mother refuse to name the father on a birth certificate?

Yes the mother has the right to put the father on the birth certificate or not.

Can father refuse to see or support or take care of severely disabled 18 year old child who lives with mother most of the time?

He can refuse to see the child; he cannot refuse to support the child.

Can a mother who has custody refuse to allow paternity tests?

Not if the court orders one.

How can the mother establish who the father is?

Ask him to do a DNA test and if he refuse you get a court order for one.

Stepmothers that refuse to let the husband see his children from jealous of the children?

she cant do that. he has legal rights to see his own kids.

Mother walks away from home and children what are her rights?

As long as no court actions have been taken against the mother for abandoning the children she can still show up again and demand to see her children. Only court action take take away her parental rights. If the father (or guardian) went to court after the abandonment to get custody he can refuse to allow the mother to see the kids, but the mother can take him to court to gain access to the children. It's very important that fathers file for custody. I've seen cases where the mother came back years later, as to take the kids somewhere, and the where is the court house to file for custody based on possession. By the time there's a full hearing, the judge is unwilling to give the children back to the father. see link

Can a mother refuse to testify against her son?

Yes, she can. She can also go to prison for obstruction of justice.

What scene does Juliet refuse to marry Paris?

She says it to her mother in Act III Scene v.

Why is Mary a saint?

Because she is the Mother Of Jesus, hence the Holiest Person who ever lived.

Infuriate in a sentence?

It infuriate most parents when their children refuse to listen to them and treat with disrespect.

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