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no, they are not related. tiny bubbles that make the radiator "foam up" is the result of exhaust gas leaking into the radiator. causes are blown head gasket, cracked cylinder head or cracked block. hth

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Q: If there are tiny bubbles coming out from your radiator when radiator cap is open and have oil leak problem coming from valve gasket are they related?
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What does it mean if i take off my radiator cap run the engine and the coolant overflows out of the radiator?

If you have coolant mixed with air bubbles coming out, you may have a cracked head or a bad head gasket. Have a pressure test done on the cooling system to verify there is a problem.

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What if You are leaking radiator fluid how do you find where it is coming from?

easiest way is to fill radiator and look and see where fluid is coming out, but Im sure you thought of that. The best way is to plug the ends of the radiator up with some type of rubber stopper then insert blow air through the drainport while holding it under water. Wherever the bubbles are coming from is where its leaking.

How can you tell if you got a bad head gasket?

White smoke (steam) coming out the exhaust that has a sweet smell to it.You are always adding coolant to the reservoir but never see a leak. Constant air bubbles coming out if the radiator coolant when engine is running and radiator cap is off. Engine overheats for no apparent reason. A compression test will determine which cylinder/head has the problem.

Smoke under the hood?

If you see smoke coming from under the hood of your vehicle this indicates a serious problem. Your car is overheating, this could be because of low coolant in the radiator or another problem with the radiator.

How do you purge the cooling system for a 1999 Honda Civic?

Make sure engine is cold then do the following: - Open radiator cap - Start engine - Once the thermostat opens , air bubbles should come out of the radiator neck - Wait until air bubbles stops coming out of the neck - Once the Air bubbles stops from coming out , fill radiator as neccessary - Replace cap and test drive - Repeat as neccessary - Process can take long more than 10 minutes or more depending on how much air is trapped in the system.

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How do you tell if radiator is bad?

A radiator has no moving parts. It's only job is to dissipate the heat of combustion in your engine. If it doesn't do that job, it's bad. One of the most insidious faults a radiator can have is rust and corrosion build up inside the radiator. This keeps the fluid from circulating. Many times, this cannot be seen. A corroded radiator is a bad radiator. A leaky radiator is a bad radiator; it can't hold the fluid. A radiator with a majority of the cooling fins bent so that air can't pass through is a bad radiator; it can't cool the fluid. One of the tests they do on radiators is to pump them up with air and listen for whistling leaks. Sometimes, they submerge them in a bath to see if any bubbles form, and if they form, where they're coming from. If bubbles do form, it is a bad radiator.

There is engine noise coming through the speakers?

It's probably an electrical problem. It could be the radiator or the alternator. Check the filter caps.

How do you bleed air from the cooling system of a Ford Escort?

fill the radiator and reservoir with water and when it gets to the top of the radiator cease halt filling it and rock the car back and forth till the air bubbles stop coming and then top it off and you should be good to go.

How do you know wen your head gaskets are bad?

You may have bad head gaskets when,you are losing engine coolant and you don't see any see a white smoke (steam) coming from the exhaust have a sweet smell coming from the exhaust see air bubbles in the radiator coolant with the radiator cap off and engine running.

How do you know head gaskets are blown on a Chevy Blazer?

White, sweet smelling smoke coming out of tail pipe and or air bubbles constantly bubbling out of radiator cap opening with cap off.

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Why does a car smoke and leak antifreeze?

Sounds like your Head Gasket has gone bad, provided that smoke is coming from your exhaust. Replacing the Head Gasket is a major fix and should only be taken on by a more experienced person... A way you can check is to open the cap on your radiator and start your car, after your car warms up and the thermostat opens the coolant level in the radiator should change. if you look in the radiator and see bubbles that's a problem and your head gaskets are bad. those bubbles are exhaust fumes that have leaked into the coolant system due to a bad head gasket. If the smoke is coming from you engine compartment you could just have a leek in your coolant system and the coolant (anti freeze) is dripping on something hot and evaporating causing the smoke.

Your 2001 sebring makes a humming noise coming from your filter Had it replaced about a month ago Now it is making that noise again What is the problem?

its probably your radiator

What could cause smoke coming from the Radiator Fan?

If the smoke is coming from the electric fan itself, then it needs replacing. It could be the smoke is steam that the fan is drawing from the radiator, and you have a coolant leak at the radiator.

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I am losing coolant but it's not coming from the radiator i have a 1999 VW Bora?

More then likely your head gasket is gone but it could also be a problem in the coolent tank

Why is my Mazda 626 radiator overheating?

likely possibilities are the following. Low or bad coolant , water pump, thermostat needs changing, clogged radiator or lines, coolant temperature sensor or radiator fans not coming on, head gasket Also check the radiator caps on the hose and the overflow container. That was my problem. One or both may have to be replaced.

Why is exhaust coming out of your radiator?

Blown head gasket.

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