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If there are tiny bubbles coming out from your radiator when radiator cap is open and have oil leak problem coming from valve gasket are they related?


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2015-07-15 19:32:48
2015-07-15 19:32:48

no, they are not related. tiny bubbles that make the radiator "foam up" is the result of exhaust gas leaking into the radiator. causes are blown head gasket, cracked cylinder head or cracked block. hth


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If you have coolant mixed with air bubbles coming out, you may have a cracked head or a bad head gasket. Have a pressure test done on the cooling system to verify there is a problem.

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If you have bubbles coming out of your kitchen faucet, you have a venting problem. It has nothing to do with soap in your faucet.

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easiest way is to fill radiator and look and see where fluid is coming out, but Im sure you thought of that. The best way is to plug the ends of the radiator up with some type of rubber stopper then insert blow air through the drainport while holding it under water. Wherever the bubbles are coming from is where its leaking.

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White smoke (steam) coming out the exhaust that has a sweet smell to it.You are always adding coolant to the reservoir but never see a leak. Constant air bubbles coming out if the radiator coolant when engine is running and radiator cap is off. Engine overheats for no apparent reason. A compression test will determine which cylinder/head has the problem.

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If you see smoke coming from under the hood of your vehicle this indicates a serious problem. Your car is overheating, this could be because of low coolant in the radiator or another problem with the radiator.

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