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The United States and the Soviet Union would have been eradicated.

However, the US Allies too, such as the UK, France, Italy and Western Europe. The radiation would cause "Black Rain" which would pollute the ocean and may have ended all life on earth.

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Q: If there had been a nuclear war during the cold war which countries would have been bombed?
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What would happen if a nuclear power plant is bombed?

It would be destroyed, possibly releasing radioactive material in the process. There would not be a nuclear explosion.

What was the cold war about and what was its purpose?

the cold war was between russia and the US and it was during the nuclear "age." both of the countries had nuclear weapons, and both countries were afraid what would happen, or if their country would be attacked. the cold war wasnt an actual violent war. (during mid-late 1900s.)

Why would have happen if japan never bombed us?

The reason why Japan bombed us was because we cut off our metal shipment to them in fear of them attacking other countries

What safety is there of having a nuclear weapon?

A nuclear weapon is used to prevent being threatened by other nuclear countries. Say, for example, France got rid of all of it's nuclear weapons, tiny countries that had a nuclear weapon would be able to bully them into accepting bad deals or presurring them into not reacting when things happen. Most countries in the world would probably like to dispose of their nuclear weapons but they can not due to the fact of little countries with problems that will keep them would be able to threaten them and hold the world by it's throat.

Was farnborough hants bombed in World War 2?

Farnborough was an RAF airfield during Wprld War 2 so it would most likely have been bombed.

Which of the following contributed to the Soviet Union and the United states never directly fighting each other during the Cold War?

Their huge nuclear arsenals would mean that a war could completely destroy both countries.

What were the pro's and cons of dropping the atomic bomb?

PROS: It ended the war. We gave them a chance to surrender. There would have been more people killed if we had went over there to fight. The two cities that were bombed were going to get fir-bombed anyways. Only two bombs were ready and we couldn't afford to drop a test one. The results of the bomb droppings have prevented other countries from dropping nuclear bombs and such.

How many Nuclear weapons did the US build during World War 2?

two in which we bombed Nagasaki & Hiroshima. we threatened japan that if they did not surrender we would bomb every city in japan. in which, to make any more bombs it would have taken about a month. trust me, im studying it right now.(:

How did John F. Kennedy react when he was bombed?

If he had been bombed I am sure he would have been frightened. I did not know that he was bombed

Why don't we want all countries to have access to nuclear energy?

From what I understand the issue is not really the access to nuclear energy but, the access to nuclear material. If some more "rogue" and "dangerous" countries had access to nuclear material and enriching plants they could easily create nuclear bombs which, these countries being more unstable than most, they could use for an attack that would kill many people.

Should Earthquake prone countries be allowed Nuclear Power Stations?

Earthquake prone countries should not be able to have nuclear power plants because what if an earth quake happens .The nuclear power plant could explode . And that would be very bad :[

What were the two Japanese countries that got bomb by the US?

If you are referring to nuclear bombings, and by "countries" you mean "cities" that would be Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

What Countries you would not trust with a nuclear weapon?

I think that north Korea is one and an other is china.

Which countries have nuclear bombs now and do nuclear reactions bring about global warming?

A sufficiently large nuclear war would not cause global warming. Instead it would cause a Nuclear Winter: massive global cooling due to enormous amounts of soot in the atmosphere. This would probably result in an ice age.

How would the world respond to an entire country being suddenly bombed?

Depends what country was bombed and by whome. If the country was bombed by aliens guess the rest of the world would panic big time.

Why were blackouts held during world war 2?

so planes would not know anyone was in their homes so they wouldn't get bombed

Who did japan think would attack them during world war 2?

The U.S.A That's why they bombed us. But we got them back with a nuke!

Why does the nuclear envelope need to break down during mitosis?

If the nuclear envelope didn't break down, the spindle would not attach to the kinetochore proteins on the condensed chromosomes in prometaphase because the nuclear envelope would be in the way.

What food was rationed in the UK during World War?

i know some like boiled sweets sugar oranges and other stuff that would have to be imported from other countries by sea or air as the Germans bombed the load so they thought they could starve Britain

Who proposed the non-proliferation treaty?

other countries would want to stay non-nuclear

Was Israel right for destroying Iraq's nuclear reactor?

It depands who you ask. What would happened during the Golf war if Iraq had a nuclear bomb?

What would happen if you bombed Jupiter?

it would blow up

Why was important places chosen to be bombed during world war 2?

They were chosen because they would be the places like the cities and busy areas and those were the places with the most factories. Therefore if they bombed down the cities they would destroy the factories as well as kill/injure loads of people!

What happened in japan 50 years ago after world war 2?

hitler invaded people and nuclear bombed things. Plus if things didint go as they did back then they would not have what we have also said as life would be really diferent.

Which of the following contributed to the Soviet Union and the US never directly fighting each other during the Cold War?

Their huge nuclear arsenals would mean that a war could completely destroy both countries.