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Check the ignition fuse also check the ignition switch

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Q: If there is no power to an hei coil on an 86 305 how would you go about getting power to it?
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Why 305 motor is not getting sparks?

...could be allot of reasons why you may not be getting spark, here are some: # no power to ignition coil. faulty ignition. # faulty distributer cap, rotor. # faulty ignition module. # check for start signal from ecm. ...and there is a few more.

Have a 1990 Chevy 305 have put new ignition module cap and rotor have power to cap but no spark?

I have 1994 GMC 1500 with 305 mother if you cut the wire that comes from your ignition to the coil can it stop you from having fire to your

Why would you not be getting a spark in your Chevy 305 small block when you just replaced the rotor and coil?

Try putting the old coil or a known good coil in to see if you got a bad new coil. Double check that the distributor is installed with the rotor pointing towards the #1 tower when the #1 cylinder is at TDC for compression. Verify that the wires are installed correctly.

Why won't your Chevy 305 small block fire?

The 305 Chevy could not fire for several reasons. The crank sensor could be bad, the coil could have failed or there could be a loss of power to the ignition circuit.

305 V8 Chevy eng. not getting any fire. New disstributor new coil. Any ideas?

you can try new plugs and wires.....unless the coil is bad or you got a cheap (bad) distributor.

What is the horse power of a 1979 1985 305 Chevy?

For a 305 with a 4brl carb. it would be about 145 hp. For a 305 tbi it produces 215hp from factory. No, a 305 TBI is rated at 185 HP stock.

Why there is fire coming from coil to cap but not cap to wires?

305 v8

What is a ignition coil boot and where is it located on the 1986 305 Chevy van?

well it is the bottom that goes on a ignition coil and it is locoed

Where is the stock coil located in 87 Monte Carlo ss with 305?

If it has an HEI distributor (big cap), the coil is on the cap.

Will putting a 350 transmission on a 305 motor make any difference in power?

There shouldn't be any decrease in power, but you would have a good tranny behind that 305 if you wanted to build it up some.

What is wrong with a Chevy 305 if the motor turns over but doesn't start at times but other times it will start?

Check the carborator, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pickup tank unit. If all are ok then replace the coil and check test light for power with key on for power to hot side coil. If all else fails call your local garage for an appointment to your 305 cheby.

Where is the coil location 1983 Chevy 305?

It's sitting on top of the distributor cap.

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