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It's going to be a catch 22, you have a right to the child, but you could be charged with stat. rape, best to seek a lawyer.

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Q: If underage mother wants to put baby up for adoption but 18-year-old father wants custody and girls parents are threatening to file charges against boy if he tries to gain custody isn't that blackmail?
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Can an underage child get their baby back after they have given the baby up for adoption?

Adoption is final so no, no matter how old they are. The only time you can ever get your child back is if you change your mind within 30 days of the closure of the adoption date. If you changed your mind and have a hard time dealing with it seek counseling. This is a hard issue to deal with by yourself.

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You are underage and pregnant what shall i do?

Firstly, are you definitely pregnant? secondly, you need to tell a parent or a trusted adult and from there they will help you with everything you need. And if, for any reason, they don't.. speak to a clinic or anonymous clinic. As for the baby you have 3 choices; keep it have an abortion or adoption.

Can a underage mother give custody to the father?

Custody is determined by a judge. If the father is not underage, he may be more likely to be granted custody because he has a more likely ability to provide for the child (however underage or not- if he hasn't already been convicted of statutory rape, he may be at this time). An underage mother may plead the judge to give custody to the father, but ultimately it is the judge's decision. If you think the decision was made unfairly, you may be able to appeal it. A mother CAN illegally leave the father with a child, but the mother must permanently leave and faces risk of prosecution... The child may also be put up for adoption if neither parents will agree to take care of it.

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