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911 for help in an emergency call a friend if it is not an emergency

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Q: If using cell phone what number call to call for help?
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Can you retieve last call phone number on a cell phone?

can you retrieve the last call phone number on a cell phone

Can someone make a call using your cell number on another phone?

it is possible for someone to use your cell phone number

What are the benefits of a cell phone tracer?

Using a cell phone tracer or tracker you can find and locate a mobile phone to which it is used. This might interest you if you get a call from an unknown number.

Is there an app where you can prank call somebody cell phone using a different cellphone number?


When you call 911 from your cell phone do the retrieve your cell number?

Yes, if you call they can track you're cell phone.

How much does it cost to use a cell phone when calling Mexico?

The cost of using a cell phone to call Mexico averages about $0.10 per minute to call a land line. The cost to call a cell number is $0.35 per minute according to Charter Wireless.

What is the phone number to call to recharge your cell phone?

If you need to call to recharge your cell phone that must mean its dead and you have to plug it in to its charger before you can call anywhere so that means there is no number

How do you check what your home phone number is?

You could look it up in a phone book. If you have a mobile phone, call your mobile number from your home phone and it will be displayed. If you do not have a cell phone then call someone with a cell phone and do the same.

How do you forward a call on cell phone?

Using VoIP when called number is not available it will be forwarded to other number according to configuration on how many rings it will be forwarded after the call is not answered.

If you call a cell phone with a different area code but which is physically local is the call long distance?

The actual physical location of a cell phone has absolutely nothing to do with the cost to call it. The cost is entirely based on the location associated with the phone number. If you call a cell phone with a number from the other side of the country, you will pay toll charges to the other side of the country, even if the person with that cell phone is standing next to you as you dial. On the other hand, if you call a cell phone that has a number that is a local call for you, it is still a local call even if that cell phone is halfway around the world.

How do you block your home phone number and your cell phone number from telemarketers?

For cell phones call from the cell phone 888-3821222

How do you make your cell phone number private?

If you mean permanently, you will probably have to call your cell phone provider and talk to them. Because unfortunately you can get anyone's cell phone number off the internet. If you just want to block your number for a specific person you have to do that individually and with your phone and that varies with each cell phone. You will either have to call your cell phone provider and figure out how to do that with your specific phone or find your instruction booklet.

If you call someone using 67 will your phone number show up on their cell phone bill?

No, it'll say Blocked, Unavailable, Unknown, Withheld, or Private.

Cell phone no call list?

A person with a cell phone can put that number on the National do Not Call Registry. The do not call registry shows telephone numbers that are not okay to call.

How many Filipinos college student using cell phone?

please i want to call to phillipines and they gave me the next number..09094986621 a cellphone.. how can i call fromargentina

How does the cell phone interact with other cell phones?

the same as a regular phone in some ways. For instance your phone places a call from your number. The call is routed through the cell towers and your call is received by the owner of the phone on the other end.

How do you find a cell phone lost in your house?

call it using another phone

How do you get the deleted call off a cellphone?

you call the phone company and ask them tpo get the number for you and you givr them your cell phone number

How do you block a caller on your cell phone?

If you have the cell phone number call your cell phone provider and tell them the number you need to have blocked. If its an unknown number, there is no real way to block it.

How can you receive calls on your cell phone that were originally for the home phone so that when someone calls the home phone you can answer using the cell phone?

call forwarding

How can you contact Rihanna directly?

her number is 404 657 4654 if I call that number from my cell phone will the cell phone company charge me.

How do you block your cell phone number from another cell phone?

You can check online on your Cell Phone Carrier Panel or you can call. If you want to block your ID when you call, Use *67

What is Joe Jonas cell phone number?

call me at 3474381931

How do you cALL a new zealand cell phone from Australia?

From a cell phone you dial 64 then the cell phone number. If you are dialing from a landline, you dial 001164 then the number. 61 is the country code for Australia.

How do you find out who called your cell phone when its marked private?

First of all no cell phone is private and by activating your phone anyone has the legal right to call your cell phone. Just check your received calls and call that number and ask who it is.