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== == While the fumes of muriatic acid (hydrochloric acid - HCl) are slightly heavier than air, the oxidation reaction is highly exothermic. The acid fumes will react with things in air, and generate heat. The heat generated causes gases to rise, so muriatic acid co-oxidant gases will fill the surrounding space. Fumes also mix quickly without heat due to diffusion. A link can be found below to the Wikipedia post on hydrochloric acid. If you are using concentrated acid in still dry air the fumes will not be too bad however you should stil take care. However if you use the stuf in cool conditions especialy in the morning with mist in the air the area around you will soon become a toxic cloud of acid vapor.

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Q: If using muriatic acid do the fumes rise or stay near the ground without air movement?
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Can you use muriatic acid to clean fiberglass boat hull?

The answer: YES. Muriatic acid is the best solution for cleaning scum off of fiberglass hulls. Forget expensive hull cleaner or any other "marine" product that claims to remove. Muriatic acid removes all scum/discoloration without any effect to the gel coat for about $6/gallon. Get a garden/lawn sprayer, an open area (for venalation), long pants/shirt that you don't care about, rubber gloves & goggles. The Muriatic acid will do the work, only light scrubbing may be necessary as the chemical dissolves the scum itself. Once the acid has sat for 5-10 mins, spray with water and then wash with a mild soap. In the end, you will have a brand new looking hull. Remember to wax after to protect in the future.One word of caution is that the Muriatic acid fumes are very powerful. Be sure to be in a well venalated area and wear a painters venalator mask if necessary.Enjoy your brand new looking hull!

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