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If you're a 15-year-old boy that needs help and was taken away due to parental abuse but there wasn't enough evidence so now you're back with them how can you get out safe and legally in Wisconsin?


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September 12, 2011 10:11PM

I'll tell you one thing don't run away that can make things worse and dangerous. Abusive homes are the worst and i wouldn't want you to stay their either if you are being beaten or verbally abused to the point when its bad call the police or 911 whatever works. Talk to someone at school or arange to stay with a friend. I'm close to your age so I know it can be touh when around parents so get help but don't try to leave freely on your own maybe you have a relative out of state talk to them and see if you can live with them even call a help line. I hope this helps and i hope your sitation gets better remember find someone to talk to and get help through them talk to the police and tell them to removve you from the home even child services can help. Best of luck!(:


It would be helpful if the circumstances of the original investigation could be made a bit clearer. Was a complaint filed and DFS investigated but took no action because they determined the charge(s) were unfounded? Or was the minor removed from the family home and kept in protective custody until a court hearing? Calling DFS/CPS if they have already responded and found no evidence of abuse would probably not be helpful, and might exacerbate the family problems. If there was a court ruling that you be returned to parental custody CPS/DFS would not be able to overule it unless there was proof of imminent physical danger. Perhaps contacting any or all of the following organizations will connect you with a counselor who can help decide what options are available. National Child Abuse and Neglect 1-800-422-4453, Youth Crisis 1-800-448-4463, Youth Emergency Services 1-800-899-5437. Another resource is Teenline Online a website staffed by teens to aid other teens in solving their problems, ( Please keep in mind, phone and internet usage can be easily monitored.