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If you're a male with a female friend who really got hurt by her ex what are some ways to cheer her up and help her forget about him?


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April 18, 2007 8:32PM

Don't talk to her about it, and also, try not to make it seem as if your going to take advantage of her in her vulnerable moment, which you shouldn't be. If she brings him up, then focus on the ideas that it might not have been meant to be, or he wasn't right for her. The above is good advice, but wanted to add that when a person of any age loses out in love they have to go through a grieving process (much like losing someone they love to death.) Don't put any pressure on her and just be there to let her lean her head on your shoulder. Remember, "laughter is the best medicine." Go to a funny movie or something up-beat. Eventually she'll come around. One thing about us women, we're resilient! It's wonderful to hear what a great friend you are to her and she's one lucky gal!