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Don't talk to her about it, and also, try not to make it seem as if your going to take advantage of her in her vulnerable moment, which you shouldn't be. If she brings him up, then focus on the ideas that it might not have been meant to be, or he wasn't right for her. The above is good advice, but wanted to add that when a person of any age loses out in love they have to go through a grieving process (much like losing someone they love to death.) Don't put any pressure on her and just be there to let her lean her head on your shoulder. Remember, "laughter is the best medicine." Go to a funny movie or something up-beat. Eventually she'll come around. One thing about us women, we're resilient! It's wonderful to hear what a great friend you are to her and she's one lucky gal!

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How do you say cheer up my friend in Korean?

Cheer up my friend in Korean is: 내 친구를 응원

Your friend which is a girl sent you a note saying she likes you but your stupid friend asked her if she really did give you a note so your friend which is a girl is mad at you and wont talk to you ho?

cheer her up. Darth Vader

What really happens at cheer camp?

you learn to cheer and have alot of fun with your squad. :)

How to cheer up your friend?

Say something nice

What do you have to do if your mum is crying?

cheer her up so she can forget the sadness ,and what happend that made her sad.

How do you make the cheer team in junior high?

Well this is how i made it. I had to make a spirit poster and i did my round off back handspring full and i had to do a cheer and a dance and a double toe-touch. judges really like it when you smile and show facial expressions good luck, and dont forget to

Will it be easier to do cheer if you did gymnastics or the other way?

Cheer is much easier if you have a gymnastics background. Cheer doesn't really make gymnastics easier though.

How to cheer up friend who got dumped?

Listen to them and be there for them when they need a shoulder however, try and cheer them up, keep them busy and get them back out there doing things. Getting over someone takes some time and they will do so at their own pace but when someone is there to help forget that person it is always so much easier and quicker.

How do you cheer up a girl who is not a friend?

You can cheer up someone by randomly saying a joke around. You could also participate in a dance together.

What are the shoes that cheerleaders where called?

My team just calls them cheer shoes. But they have brands, "nfinity" cheer shoes are really common.

How do you cheer up a girl friend after a family death?

You can try by giving her presents and taking her on a day out to a theme park or a restaurant, but don't forget your wallet! Let her know you are there for her and that you can be her shoulder to cry on when she needs to. She may not cheer up, but over time, she'll feel better knowing she's not alone, which is a feeling that can come with a death in someones family.

A good joke to cheer up a friend?

Yes, please, I would love one.

How do you cheer up a good friend?

By being there. Your friend probably just needs somebody to listen to them and not try to judge or "fix" things or anything else. Just let them vent and get it out of their system.

How to cheer up girlfriend?

Be nice to her take her to a place she really wants to be.

What can a girl do to a guy when at second base?

Tell a really good cheer for them

Where can you get some really cheap but cute cheer uniforms?

The Varsity or YSS

How do you cheer up your sister?

Be nice , for a start . When she has finally accepted you really do love her etc try to include her in things and play a little bit with her. She'll really enjoy the attention and eventually cheer up.

Why is dog said to be mans best friend?

Dogs are said to be ''a mans best friend'' because dogs are loyal. they will cheer you up if your upset.

Who partcipates in cheerleading?

It depends on what type of cheer. Competitive Cheer: Tumble people and people who like to participate in competitive sports. School Cheer: People who like spirit and like to wow the crowd and do pep stuff. Anyone can really do cheer, you just have to stay comited.

Cheer rai bromley is their a cheer leader uniform 08 -09?

i say really miss cheer leading so very much please give a chher leading out fit from 08-09.

How do you stop yourself from being nervous?

drink water or tell friend or family member to cheer for you.

What do you say to your friend that is sad?

"Cheer up, or I'll give you something to really cry about!" *PUNCH* Make sure they know that while you won't pressure them to talk about it, you are there if they want to. Make sure they know you value them.

What are the release dates for Robot and Monster - 2012 Cheer Up Wheelie Ogo's Friend 1-7?

Robot and Monster - 2012 Cheer Up Wheelie Ogo's Friend 1-7 was released on: USA: 18 August 2012

Who do funny boys like?

Mostly there best female friend because we know what they like & we can cheer them up + they are used to us and are childish behavior. I should know I've already had my best friends go out with her like me. And she was the hottest in the class.

Is competitive cheer or varsity cheer more fun?

It depends based on what you like better. If u like showing off ur body do varsity cheer. But if you do varsity ur on the side lines and your not doing many stunts. Now In competitor cheer you get to do flips and REALLY REALLY cool stunts. You also have more fun and your in the spot light. But its totally up 2 u!! I do competitve cheer and i love it so much better than when i did varsity!!